Wednesday, June 11, 2008

    Think I'll Become An Artist

    That piece of shit Hispanic "artist" Felipe Baeza has inspired me to perhaps dabble in the realm of art. His porno on display at New York's Cooper Union, a federal tax payer subsidized shithole, should send a message to anyone that wants to dabble in "art". His paintings are very popular with Muslims as well as all the Progressive politicians in the DC area.

    It must be art because there are no newspapers or media connecting what this scumbag Hispanic displays as a hate crime. In contrast, a Danish artist can draw some non-porno cartoons about Islam and the world shakes, the United Nations protests, people are killed by blood-thirsty Muslims, and assassination threats are made.

    So if this hygiene-challenged Hispanic can be honored for his "art" and provided a taxpayer subsidized place for public display, maybe I should give it a try myself. Some ideas to record and post at YouTube:
    • Use a Koran as a target during pistol practice - title this art as "Piercing the Heart of Islam"
    • Rip pages out of a Koran and light them on fire and then use them to light a Catholic novena candle - title this art as "Religions United"
    • Piss on an open Koran - title this art as "Mohammed's River"
    • Burn some Korans in a fireplace - title this art as "Save a tree"
    • Paint the head of Mohammed coming out the ass of a pig - title this art as "Birth of Isalm"
    Hey - it's not a hate crime - it's art!

    Now go eat some salmonella tomatoes from Mexico!

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