Thursday, December 07, 2006

    James Kim's Mistake: Not Knowing Lars Larson

    James Kim would be alive right now if only he listened to one of Oregon's Talk Radio host - Lars Larson. If Mr. Kim would have been able to phone Lars or just tuned into Lars's talk radio he would have heard Mr. Larson tell all the reasons that he would die.

    You see, Lars Larson is perfect. Lars is a master survivalist. Lars Larson is a legend - at least in his own mind. Yesterday I heard Mr. Perfect whine and complain against Mr. Kim, and attack the actions Mr. Kim took - all that he should have, would have, and could have done. Mr. Larson is the quintessential arm chair survivalist - always ready to bash a person for dying.

    In Lars Larson's mind he is perfect, all knowing, and full of common sense. I listened to some of Lars yesterday exploit the sad outcome of James Kim for the sole purpose of puffing himself up and generating phone calls into his radio slot.

    For someone that pats himself on the back for great common sense you proved your total lack of it Mr. Larson when you bashed the heroic efforts of Mr. Kim. You have never been in that situation - never. You are just a sorry excuse of a radio talk host that has now proven you would stoop to anything to generate traffic.

    Lars claims to be a Christian yet hearing his choice to exploit the situation of Mr. Kim and his family sinks lower than anything I've ever heard any liberal say in all my life. Just stick to drinking the whiskey of your sponsors, smoking their cigars, and day dreaming about getting more ratings Mr. Larson.

    I would have prized one minute of knowing James Kim than ever meeting the likes of you Mr. Larson.

    My condolences go out to the Kim family and the tragic loss of a courageous husband and father. My praises to the efforts of all those involved in the search efforts.

    NOTE: Mr. Kim was in a no-win situation with Lars Larson. Had he stayed with the vehicle and the whole family found dead at some later date Lars would have bashed Mr. Kim for not making an effort to go for help. Such is the shallow exploitive mind of Lars.

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