Thursday, February 19, 2009

    I See No Racism

    Don't like my picture above? Think it's racist? Too bad. I got the idea from you liberals. What goes around comes around. When liberals did the top part they said it showed their patriotism by expressing dissent.

    The big difference so far is the big debt that the Bush Administration tallied up in 8 years was outdone by a better ape and all his little chimps in Congress in 1 month.

    Pravo to the New York Post for their Chimp Cartoon. Ya know, I don't recall 1 chimp-brain Liberal protesting image associations of Bush and a chimp. Gee - think there's a double standard driven by black Liberals in America?

    Uh - yep!


    Anonymous said...

    So people you don't like ("liberals") do something you don't approve of (disrespect the leader of the country ) and you think the appropriate response is to copy them ?

    Anonymous said...

    Treat everyone equal is what I believe he/she is doing. Nothing wrong with that.

    Unless on one side you believe it's ok to associate an ape with a white president but not with a black president. But then that would be racist against the white, wouldn't it?

    Scottiebill said...

    How come Al Not-So-Sharpton isn't bitching about these pictures like he is about that stupid cartoon?