Tuesday, November 23, 2004

    Kimmies WMDs

    No, this isn't another argument about WMDs in Iraq, but the alleged gassing that has been taking place in North Korea. If anyone remembers, North Korea was on the Bush list as an axis of evil. That might turn out to be very true, especially after reading an article in the International Herald Tribune titled North Korean tests of toxic gas alleged.

    It turns out that those Asian terrorists have been testing their chemical weapons for several years on political prisoners. The real revelation, yet not really surprising, was that the Sough Korean government may have know about this. Now I'm all for using death row inmates for drug testing, but this goes a bit too far - especially using political prisoners. In North Korea a political prisoner is basically anyone that does not agree with that weirdo retard Kim Jong.

    Think it's time to gas up the stealth's. Ah, but as in Iraq, some terrorist sympathizers will claim North Korea's WMDs do not exists since we don't have some UN inspectors standing right next to them having their picture taken.

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    Anonymous said...

    Nuke 'em.