Sunday, November 28, 2004

    Westward Bound

    Staying overnight at my bros in S. Cal. I feel the need. I shower, dress and sneak out - destination mentally plotted from a simple web search. I climb over their security gate and make my way to the ocean. It's nice and sunny - maybe about 50 deg. I know I have to traverse some railroad tracks then to the road beyond that, but worse case I can get across on a road about another 0.8 mile north. Lucky me - there is a dirt road that parallels the tracks so I head north on that. A woman with two dogs comes my way… "Do you know if I can get across these tracks anywhere?" I ask. "There is a road way up (she points north) but this road levels out a bit and you can watch for breaks in the fence". There is a sharp drop from the dirt road I'm on to the tracks - at least 12 feet, but she was right. I see a potential crossing point and (bonus) an opening in the fence - across I go. How convenient - the Starbucks I was pursuing is just seconds away - destination reached. Now to get my quad soy latte - healthy protien + caffine!

    So does frequenting SB make me part of some evil entity? I'm reminded of those that protest large corporations yet in the same breath they will viciously attack our government for lack of jobs. Do they have any idea of the huge number of jobs that such corporations employ? Don't get me wrong - I have some ideas for corporate change but to bash any business just because they are more successful than someone else is wrong. Hey - if I was in Eugene right now there are a couple of coffee kiosks that I enjoy.

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