Monday, November 15, 2004

    What do resignations mean?

    I've read several blogs about the cabinet members turning in their resignations. Most of the blogs seem to be asserting some big collapse of the Bush Administration - "everyone jumping ship". I would offer another option - maybe they are tired of their high-pressure appointments? Government jobs really don't pay that much and someone like Colin Powell, who has already served this country for many years, should take a break and enjoy life for a change. Personally I would vote for him for President, but respect him for his choice in his life. Besides, being able to add on your resume that you were a White House cabinet member isn't too bad. One would easily make twice the pay (and stock options, etc.) in the private sector.

    I wouldn’t make any big deal about resignations that are effective at the start of a new presidential term – they always happen when a President has been re-elected. It would be a different story if cabinet members jumped ship in the middle of a term – but none of these have. If anyone tries to convince you otherwise I would be very suspicious of their reasoning and motives.


    kara said...

    I agree with your brain!

    Tom said...

    I have read that it is "traditional" when a President wins a second term for the entire cabinet to resign. Then if there are people he wants to keep he refuses to accept their resignation. It is a way for people to save face instead of getting fired.