Friday, December 24, 2004

    It's Friday Retirement Time! (No. 6)

    Michael Jackson, Singer & Pervert - They don't call you Wacko-Jacko for nothing huh? Especially on this holiday season when giving to children is such a focus you are called upon to retire from public view. Your obsession with children, especially little boys, sleeping in your bed with you is not normal. Paging through porn with them at your side is not normal. When you are convicted the only disappointment is that in this country you will not get the death penalty. You are unfit to be a parent and unfit to have any children on your property. If you really care about children then sell your pedophile ranch and donate the proceeds to a children's fund - other than your own. News: Key Jacko Defense Witness Won't Testify.

    Just one for Christmas Eve - now I wish everyone a Happy and safe Christmas!

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