Wednesday, December 15, 2004

    Protests, Suits, Blaa Blaa

    Rally of HATE: Well the civil rights whiners have scheduled a rally @ Washington Square Park, NYC this Saturday to protest "another stolen election". They further claim: "We, the People must take control of the political processes if we are to have a democracy in this country. Bring your ideas, your energy and your anger and let's turn all of these into productive action." I'm not really surprised - if their candidate would have won do you think they would be taking this same stance? I had to laugh when I read "We, the People…" - Duh - the people voted so get over it. Like I said before I wished there were better options but we had who we had. There will always be people who go out of their way to promote hate.

    Suit against taxpayers: It happens often - someone wants to sue a local or larger government, basically suing the taxpayers. Although liability insurance often helps to offset such suits they are never-the-less hits against taxpayers. I'm totally against such lawsuits and propose a better way. I'd propose that individuals be required to carry the liability insurance to protect them from their actions or inactions, thus freeing up the innocent taxpayer. People make mistakes but entire city governments should not be the deep-pockets for money-hungry low-life scumbag shark attorneys. I call for government employees (including anyone contracted by a government) to be held responsible for their actions and not their governments. If there is some cover-up or someone at a higher level allows some action to take place that shouldn't have been allowed then that person would also be liable. This concept would also be applicable to "specialists" that claim a violent criminal has been "cured", but continues the violence when prematurely freed.

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