Thursday, January 20, 2005

    A Better World

    At the Presidential inauguration today there will be some people that will turn their backs as President Bush passes them by. I agree with their action. Once labeled as protestors and anti-American they are willing to symbolically show how unworthy they are to look upon a great leader. Let the whining stop and the healing begin.

    A few days ago there was a rare shooting in this little town of Eugene, OR. Todd Alan Hughes had pulled a gun on James Winkelman with the treat of a lethal encounter. James shoots and kills Todd. As you can read in the story James had come to the aid of a woman being attacked by Todd. The woman was yelling for help and begging for someone to phone the police. You can read the full details for yourself.

    To me, James Winkelman is a hero to the community. One less slimebag in the city, one less scum in the world. Rightfully, the Lane County grand jury chose not to indict Mr. Winkelman - a good call.

    Men that bring violence on women should be killed. Child molesters should be killed - there should never be such a thing as a second offender child molester.

    What a better place the world would be for the good people if these types of scumbags were removed from existence! Chock one up for the good people!


    007ben said...

    Then the family of Todd Alan Hughes has the balls to say justice wasn't serverd. They can see their precious Todd in hell for all I care.

    nonpcpundit said...

    This is why we have a second amendment. It's also why the liberal left wants to take guns away from us. How dare we protect ourselves from the scum that liberals want to help? this guy wasn't a barfbag--he was simply a sick and depressed malcontent! Just because he wanted to do harm to somebody is no cause to defend! We need a law DEMANDING that all person over 18 get a 40 hour training course and make it mandatory to carry a weapon of caliber at least .357 or higher. The preamble to the Constitution calls for "the common defense" and if govt officials and liberal bureaucrats are not going to do it, we need to do it ourselves. The founding committee knew that, which is why the second amendment is second only to freedom of speech.
    Bloggers unite.

    ZZ OpenWeb Staff said...

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    Tracy V said...


    The Whining has't even started!!

    Republican's cried about a blow job, the rest of us are talking about a war and death for lies, made up and supported by Cheney, Rice and other greedy bastards!!

    A better world will happen when Cheney's heart goes out and GWB falls down a logn flight of cement stairs!

    The Bush family was resposible for the Savings and Loan scandal, as well as many others, and ignorant people like you who think if they glorify the person in charge they will get some glory!

    How many people did you know over the last 4 years that were out of work?

    Probably a few, YOUR president caused all of that, including the pathetci level of the US Dollar agains all other currencies.

    Wake up and watch the real news on PBS, turn of the Spin Zone (that is what it actually is!) and the rest of that Fox, MSNBC, crap that is all owned by one or two companies!

    So I ask you ...WHERE IS YOUR BRAIN!!!!


    Nice layout BTW!


    : JustaDog said...

    Thanks for your post Tracy V. Can you please point me to where you posted against Saddam when he was killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people? Only then will I believe you have an interest in human lives.

    Anonymous said...

    Your story is very simple minded! is what bush believes in "good vs evil" first it is very naive to believe that we went to war to save the iraqi people from their brutal dictator!"of course he had WDMs!!" or we are speading democracy by killing lots of inocent poeple around the world when we in the first place supported these dictaors in the past! how can we convince people that we indeed are fighting tyranny when we suport and fund "friedly dicators" like our new allies uzbekistan, pakistan, saudi arabia and supporting brutal dictators in south and central america and dont forget Saddam was one of the friendly dicators " i like that term" my friend usa supports democracy when it suits it's interest and it supports dictators when they are on ourside on the equation! "when saddam gassed the kurds in march 1988" where was america????? ooops he was a friedly dicator at the time!!!!. it's not that simple is it??