Sunday, January 16, 2005

    Breeding Conflict

    I was appalled about the whole Prince Harry Nazi costume incident - but not for reasons you might imagine. It was just a costume people, a totally different story if he actually joined some neo-nazi group or something like that. So much for this child's right to free speech and expression. Even the Three Stooges movies have multiple shorts where they are dressed in Nazi uniforms - Mo usually playing Hitler. Even Star Trek and Indiana Jones had episodes with characters walking around in Nazi uniforms. If people are really concerned about the uniform and what it equates to from the past then why hasn't anyone dug into where it came from? Who makes Nazi uniforms? That's what I would dig for if I felt offended. But that's not what the real point of "Harry-gate" is, right? It's not enough a child of the royal family was seen, but the real evil powers-that-be want more to fuel the frenzy - "let's connect drag the Queen into this somehow!"

    There are two powerful sectors of humanity that thrive off tragedy, conflict, and scandal. If it does not exist in entirety they will amplify some little piece, attempting to turn it into the very essence it thrives on. The pinnacle of their goal is outrage - get as many people enraged and outraged as they can, and then keep that frenzy fed as much as possible - work it until the next opportunity arises.

    Enter the media and lawyers - they could not exist without the aforementioned tragedy, conflict, and scandal. Have you fallen for their slimy tactics lately? Know any stories or incidences that have been churned up a bit more than reality? Media and lawyers stir the pot, and so many gullible people just drink it up.


    Anonymous said...

    I was gonna do a Harry-thing on my site, but you did it so I won't duplicate. My sentiments exactly. People need to get a life.


    Anonymous said...

    With the Royal Families connections to apartheid and Nazi's in the past it is no small thing that, even as a joke, a potential leader is so stupid spoiled and arrogant as to wear a swaztika. Your ridiculous comparison of Mo playing Hitler is apt that his character was as stupid as Harry.
    Why aren't you concerned? Are you pro Nazi? A white supremist or an anti-semite.
    You need a life that is connected to the rest of the world and that does not excuse boorish, insensitive behavior like this.

    : JustaDog said...

    I'm not concerned because:

    1 - He's just a kid wearing a costume
    2 - He wasn't trying to make a statement of support

    Your anonymous post is a perfect example of how way over sensitive people react to the urging of the media. You also support what I said because, since it was no big deal to me, I must therefore be (in your words) "Are you pro Nazi? A white supremist or an anti-semite."

    I'm sorry but such irrational hateful conslusions like that cause wars and is not only dangerous, but simply absurb.

    Anonymous said...

    I'm wondering if that 2nd person that commented complains to the movie industry every time a movie comes out showing people in nazi outfits (as you mentioned in you post), or does he just like attacking the things kids do at an innocent costume party?

    I agree with your post - nice site too.

    srah said...

    This is one of the first times I've found an opinion I can agree with on this subject. It was stupid for someone in his position to put himself in this situation, when he ought to know the media and know better, but it was a COSTUME at a COSTUME PARTY. It isn't as though he was just wearing it out on the street.

    I suppose there may be some cultural differences, though - Nazism hit closer to home over there than it did in the US, so perhaps I'm not as sensitive to the offense.

    marie b. said...

    The innocent costume was worn two weeks before the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

    Would he have to be standing at the gates of the camp then, handing out yellow stars, for it to be inappropriate to you?

    Movies and television shows have certain standards to pass, and can be censored if it's deemed extremely offensive, so your point about Nazi uniforms making appearances over the years is moot, not to mention a laughable grasp at straws.