Tuesday, January 18, 2005

    Like Rice?

    Congratulations to Dr. Condoleezza Rice on her (soon-to-be) appointment as our new Secretary of State. If anything, she is over qualified yet I'm sure she will do an outstanding job and make us all proud - whatever political party you align with.

    Our first female secretary of state was Madeleine Albright. "With Albright at the helm of the State Department, Osama bin Laden ran wild throughout the Middle East, the North Koreans began feverishly building nukes under her nose, and we staged a pre-emptive attack solely for purposes of regime change based on false information presented to the American people by Albright about a world leader who was not an imminent threat to the United States." (From here) I'd also remind the readers that during her reign the terrorists trained on our own soil to carry out 9/11. (another fact fathead Michael Moore neglected to mention in his suckers-will-watch movie).

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    nonpcpundit said...

    Albright was a top counselor to the Clinton Crime Syndicate. She probably was getting aid from "capos" like Paul Bugalla and the screeching hick James Carville. Why does everything from the south seem to be so corrupt where politics is concerned? I have an old copy fo the LA Times with a color front page photo showing the corrupt Albright sitting in the stands in North Korea with Mr. Nuclear Hairdo. With banners of North Korean soldiers all around "Red Square North Korea Style" she is seen clearly grinning from ear to ear and clapping as the fascist activities take place. Read the 9/11 Commission report, see how many times Slick Willy let bin Laden walk, then ask ourselves why we are in the mess we are today.

    TooBIG said...

    She's ok but I really think the black guy that spoke at the convention was super. As for a female president ? Hmmm I'm not so sure we're ready for that yet.

    CafeRg said...

    you got to be smokin crack ..if 'slick' george tells her to jump she jumps ..she has dreams of the presidency ..NOT if even close

    Raven the Pagan said...

    I was wondering if you really believe that post of yours. Your joking right?