Tuesday, January 11, 2005

    Recycle That

    We have two trash companies in town. The one we happen to use (Sanipac) have mandatory 90 gallon recycling containers that get put out on the street every other week. We can put anything recyclable into this bin except glass. The other company (Lane Apex) has an optional 65 gallon bin, otherwise they use a wimpy little plastic box like what milk is delivered in. I believe in recycling and that big bin really makes it easy. If the bins are available people will use them.

    When I decide to get another cell phone I donate my previous one to a place that makes sure they are working, sets up a new number, and gives them to women that have been abused - nice. Many cell providers will take your old phone as well - just ask. I donate lots to the local Goodwill - helps provide them $$$ for the workers they hire as well as give those with less income some more selections. Last week I gave them a 19" color computer monitor - perfect condition, and this week will give a local computer recycle place a working HP OfficeJet All-in-one unit. They refurb then resell working systems - good work! Check out your local options before you throw that electronic unit in your trash please. Even eBay is a recycle choice if you want to try to buy or sell something used.

    There's allot to recycling and it's just not for paper or glass. My babe does a book recycling through BookCrossing, a very interesting program. You register (free) with them and get your own "BCID" code. You can then print out labels you put inside your book cover providing instructions to the finder - providing they have internet access. The new owner can go to the site and log their book find and you are notified with info about where your donated book has found a home. She's left books locally as well as in Canada. I have a feeling there will be some books released in Reno next month during our sin and XC ski fun!


    M said...

    There are mixed feelings about the program, but I really like the refund system that Massachusetts (among other states) uses. At most places, you are charged 5 cents extra for each recyclable can/bottle you buy. When you take them to be recycled, you get the extra money back. For a poor college student like myself, that's a hell of an incentive. :-)

    I've never heard of those computer/cell phone recycling programs, but that's a fantastic idea. My favorite "recycling" program of sorts was one I heard of when I lived out in Columbus, OH. There was a group there that collected used suits, dresses, and other professional clothing. They were given to homeless people and welfare recipients so that they could dress appropriately for job interviews and, hopefully, their first few days of work, until they got back on their feet.

    Great post, Maddie...

    : JustaDog said...

    Thanks for your comment Mike - excellent feedback. I did neglect to mention the container fee charged by some states - including here in Oregon. I think that program is great and it doesn't cost the taxpayer anything - it actually helps by reducing the costs that local governments would spend picking up all those cans and bottles. It is also used by youth groups to get money. Heck, I remember seeing on the news a woman that collected them for years to eventually buy her little town a swimming pool! Now that's incentive!

    Betsy said...

    I love the idea of BookCrossing, and will have to take a closer look.

    And yes, we have Dress for Success here in Portland - women can donate professional clothing and accessories to help other women going through job training programs & looking for employment.

    Benjamin Solah said...

    I'm a member of bookcrossing.com, I haven't found any books yet.