Friday, February 25, 2005

    Friday Thoughts

    So another coward suicide bomber kills at least 4 and injures many more in Tel Aviv. So far, the Palestinian Authority has delivered talk, but no action to curb these terrorist attacks. Also note that the U.N. does not condemn these terrorist attacks nor do they make attempts to stop them. There can never be peace in that region until Palestine stops harboring terrorist. They will need to root them from their soil and kill each and every one. Talk is cheap.

    Germany tried to get the EU ministry to outlaw Nazi symbols. "Britain, Denmark, Hungary and Italy voiced concerns a ban of symbols like the swastika could curb freedom of expression rights." Funny how some countries are afraid to fight against terrorist-supporting countries like Iraq are also afraid of mere symbols. These weak-minded countries give in to terrorist threats (like Spain and France) and are seen by terrorists as easy targets that can be just as easily manipulated. Fortunately not all of the countries of the EU are cowards, and some still value freedom - no matter what might be said or displayed.


    Dmitri Von Klein said...

    "Also note that the U.N. does not condemn these terrorist attacks"

    Do not lie, thank you.

    : JustaDog said...

    There is no lie dmitri, and your link to the (propaganda) UN web site goes further to prove my point. Although worthless Kofi Annan made a comment "in the strongest possible terms" it is just talk. If he was serious and he really wanted to do something that was a strong condemnation the would have taken this much further. He did not call for an emergency session as was done against Israel in 2003, nor did he request any resolution from the UN members. Had Israel been responsible, believe me he would have. Annan makes cheap talk - no different from Saddam condemned suicide bombers when in reality he paid their families large amounts of money as if rewarding them.

    If your only source for what the UN is doing is their own web site then you are getting propaganda only. Open your eyes! I am on numberous UN email lists and get their BS almost daily, and I can compare their BS with reality with some simple searching.

    nonpcpundit said...

    Those who support the U.N. always fail to get involved in the Oil-For-Food scandaldebate that shows what a bunch of corrupt, exploitive, back-slapping, pocket-stuffing bunch of worthless world governmentites they are. When things look like they are going well, Kofi Annan's name is splattered all over the place as if he is Christ returned to earth to save us all. But when oil-for-food popped up, all the left-leaning hacks jumped to his defense saying he was only a figurehead and really had no control over what everybody was doing. Oh? Then run him out of his Manhatten penthouse, eliminate his $6,000-a-month housing stipend and tax -free salary and send him back to whatever little third world universe he came from.