Wednesday, February 02, 2005

    Hey Canada!

    Here are a couple of paragraphs (read the whole article) of an article that arrived in my email from the Canada Free Press:

    Once upon on a time there was a man named John Kerry, who wore a red cape with a hood, and served in Vietnam. He spent Christmas in Cambodia and voted for the 87 billion before he voted against it. With well thought out speeches and quotes, Kerry and his wife named Thresa, spoke to the hearts and souls of Americans as they tried to win back the White House from the big bad wolf…I mean the Republicans. Kerry and his good-looking southern haired boy Edwards took their liberally stuffed picnic baskets to America's front porches during their campaign and we were feed pseudo pastries called, Bush's plan in Iraq was just another Vietnam. The last bitter morsel little red Johnnyhood delivered to the gullible grannies in America was Iraqi's Election Day quote on Meet the Press with Tim Russert. Kerry stated, "no one in the Unites States should try to overhype this election." I think little Johnny's liberally filled basket of pseudo pastries has become overgrown with the mold of green envy.

    Speaking as a woman, who lives in a country where I am free to do as I please, the most momentous part of Iraq’s Election Day for me was the fact that women who have been oppressed, tortured, raped, and murdered had a vote Sunday. Iraqi women actually voted. Do we understand this or even appreciate the depths of what this freedom to elect our own government leaders means to not only men, but women as well? Iraqi women actually chose who they wanted to write in and place it in their country’s ballot box. They didn’t have to stay at home with the kids whilst only the hubby went and voted. They didn’t have to be told who to vote for by their husbands, boyfriends or by a tyrannical leader. Iraqi women, who were oppressed under the Baathist Regime and were treated many times as nothing more than a piece of property, were able to get ink on their finger.

    Should gangs in our own country be classified as urban terrorists? They instill fear, cause economic decay in the areas they roam, commit murder, robbery, rape, and most any crime you can think of. I say they should be - let's rid our neighborhoods of these thugs! If I were in control I'd give police a bonus for every gang member killed. Too extreme? Ah, but you'd sure love the results of others doing the dirty work wouldn't you!


    bahiabob said...

    Ah... That explains it. A Clueless Canuck. What do you even know about the U.S. Constitution? To say that violating my rights in a country where you are not a citizen and don't live is O.K. with you is stupid and assinine. But that probably won't stop you and I would expect an infantile response to this castigation over your stupidity. Just Exactly WHERE IS YOUR BRAIN? On drugs, I presume.

    : JustaDog said...


    I'm 100% American, just referencing a good post from a Canadian source.

    If anyone has a clue what this name-calling whiner is trying to say feel free to clue me in!

    miyna said...

    You just have to wonder how many people have been assumed to be or accused of being in a gang. Giving police free reign to do something like that puts the public at risk. But as long as it doesn't affect you, it's okay, right? I mean, not in your backyard, right?

    Come on, the minute a police state begins to exist, everyone's rights are at risk. Even the most inane of people should know that.

    : JustaDog said...

    Well mai, that's a good point and my fault for not being more detailed. What was in my mind was more like when police come up against obvious gang members taking shots at each other, or drive-by shootings, or extortion of local business, etc. Perhaps a better "solution" would be the death penalty (carried out) by the court when a gang-banger is convicted of murder or violent rape - especially if it involved a child. Right now they enjoy medical care and free meals and room/board in a prison - if they don't get off for some lame reason.

    Believe me, I'm the last person on Earth that would want some police state 'cause then the police would be no different than violent gang members.