Monday, February 28, 2005

    Reality and Fantasy

    Marine Lt. Pantano needs liberation - from the anti-American insurgents within our own country. This well trained patriot is facing murder charges. This is a true patriot that had already served his country yet rejoined the Marines after 9/11 for the cause of freedom. I'd like to have every politician and every organization that wishes to push these absurd charges made known to the American people. The Marines have, for over 200 years, stood up and answered the call for this country. Even if you are against the war yet claimed to be supportive of the troops now is the time to prove it! Time to stand up for the Marines.

    Academy awards went almost anti-Bush free, except for Chris Rock. Depending on who you are he was great or he flopped. I think it was more than obvious he flopped. Don't expect to see him next year. It's not as this annual ass-kissing really matters in the real world anyway. Enough space wasted on that.


    nonpcpundit said...

    Expecting teh Academy Awards to really mean anything is like expecting that something tremendous has happened if the California Bar Association gives a "Lawyer Of The Year" award to yet another legal huckster. It's like the Pulitzer Prize being given to a journalist, or the Norwegians giving the Nobel Peace Prize to Jimmy Carter for running around Europe and shooting his mouth off about what a bunch of bad people Americans are. The Academy Awards is nothing but a group of Hollyweird kookaloos deciding which among them should get the award this time. I'm surprised the real men like Clint Eastwood (who was recently quoted on Fox as saying that if Michael Moore showed up at his door, he'd kill him) would be included in that group. Moore, by the way, hasn't responded to Clint, at least not that I know of.

    : JustaDog said...

    Clint is both an actor and movie maker, so it just makes him that much stronger when he stands fast and doesn't run away. He has more than earned his right to be present and represent the good people in that profession.

    I'm just a little surprised that fat anti-American blubber slob Moore was totally ignored - totally. Makes one wonder if there is some microscopic grain of hope left in that industry.

    nonpcpundit said...

    Reading the Marine issue prompts a post script. What is happening here is symptomatic of a deeper problem that will ultimately affect national security if we are caught up in an expansive war with respect to terrorism. It points up to three things: first, the American public is losing its ability to accept the idea that in order for us to survive, death has to be ladled out to our enemies. In war, this is not a neat and pretty thing like on T.V. It is ugly and many times unfair. Second, we are losing the capacity to deal with this because we have been propagandized for so long how the military can conduct surgical strikes, minimize casualties, eliminate collateral damage, etc. Third, the fact that this Marine is under the gun is evidence of an atmosphere of political correctness that has permeated even the Corps, and a lone Marine is expected to be the sacrificial lamb.