Tuesday, March 08, 2005

    News Spots

    President Bush gave an outstanding synopsis on the state of the war against terrorists and the spread of democracy in the world (thanks to far-sighted, pro-good people thinkers in D.C.). You can read the transcript for yourself here: [Transcript]. President Bush drew attention that among those that joined him was Senator Joe Lieberman - a man Bush honored as "a strong defender of freedom". There are good leaders in the Democrat party - unfortunately they are submerged under the outspoken weak anti-freedom ones. No matter what political party you align with you should read this if you haven't already heard the speech live. Here's a leader that has a long-term vision - something the blind still can't figure out or understand. I do think Senator Lieberman has that same vision as well!

    Yevgeny Primakov + Kofi Annan = more scandal? (You won't hear this at CBS) "At the same time as U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright was negotiating with Russian Foreign Minister Yevgeny (sic) Primakov concerning a Russian-brokered deal to end a stand-off between Iraq and the UN weapons inspectors in October-November 1997, the United States turned a blind eye to the establishment of a Russian oil company set up in Cyprus." (Scott Ritter, Independent, Dec. 12, 2004).
    "This oil company, run by Primakov's sister, bought oil from Iraq under oil-for-food, at a heavy discount, and then sold it at full market value to primarily U.S. companies, splitting the difference evenly with Primakov and the Iraqis. This U.S.-sponsored deal resulted in profits of hundreds of millions of dollars for both the Russians and Iraqis, outside the control of oil-for-food."
    When Annan brought Primakov to the UN reform table, he was bringing in a friend of Saddam Hussein. The political relationship of Primakov and Hussein has been well documented. Get the full story here: [Primakov+Annan]
    Note near the beginning of that article: "Primakov was appointed as one of a 16-person panel of political has-beens and diplomats from across the globe. The enormity of the scope of the mission handed to this panel of wise men can be understood in a closer examination of their actual mandate. The panel was asked to assess the global threat facing mankind, to consider how collective action might address them and to get back to Annan advising how the UN should be reformed to make it all possible." I have to wonder how many millions of dollars, USA taxpayer dollars, goes to bullshit like this.
    Keep in mind Volcker, Benon Sevan, the original "senior UN official" in the Oil-For-Food program, and Primakov share something in common: all three were handpicked for their individual roles by Kofi Annan.


    nonpcpundit said...

    Now tell me true--is Komrad Yevgeny one ugly Russian or is he one ugly Russian? Maybe he needed extra money for plastic surgery, weight loss programs, vitamin therapy....

    nonpcpundit said...

    Anybody interested in oil scandals, the Clinton administration, Al Gore, international bandits, and why the intel community was not on top of Osama bin Laden, needs to read the book by Robert Baer, "See No Evil" and get the skinny on that. The Clinton administration was really a "see no evil" bunch of crooks--the book title is really apropo. The Clinton Gang really did "see no evil" because they were so involved in their own game.

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    Good Lord, That can't be a real pic. Someone photo-shopped the body of a hippo with the face of kwasimoto, the teeth of some mutant rodent, not to mention the girly hands.

    Thanks so much, I just had to pour clorox in my eyes.

    I couldn't even read what that was about. You may have to repost that one without the graphics.