Friday, April 22, 2005

    Bigger Minimum Wages!

    Yep - in Cuba that is. Castro more than doubles minimum wage for Cuban workers! It is now $9.40 an hour. If you make less minimum wage and don't like it, they why not go to Cuba! Besides, you will not have to pay any union dues either since even Castro knows unions are bad. There might be some hope for that old guy after all!


    Pundit said...

    it's easy to double your minimum wages in a country that only has 12 people actually working and the rest are on that socialist welfare dole. Think I'm kidding? Just look at the state of the economy down there. You won't see them opening a wal-mart, developing computers, cutting CDs or DVDs, creating breakthrough medical technology or developing life-saving wonder-drugs.

    : JustaDog said...

    Well actually Cuba isn't doing as bad as we were led to believe. From the CIA website:

    Unemployment rate: 2.6% (2003 est.)
    Labor force: 4.58 million (state sector: 78%)
    Exports: sugar, nickel, tobacco, fish, medical products, citrus, coffee
    Labor force: agriculture 24%, industry 25%, services 51% (1999)

    Just Google "Cuba Economy" or go to the CIA factbook for more. They are not exactly like Haiti. Also, I know Canadians to often go to Cuba for vacations - staying in very nice beach resorts. Heck, they even have 1,529 internet hosts (2003)!

    Let's not leave out that Cuba leases US Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay - wonder what they pay for that...

    No, Cuba is not quite the poor depraved country that Americans think it is, and Castro is slowly letting capitalism creep in. Yeah, they still have big problems and many people can still be considered below the poverty line. But I've driven through areas of Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, many smaller cites I could name off and I'd bet Cuba is doing better. In some of the places I've seen here I dared not stop the car!

    One item I found at concerned crime and how Cuba handles prisoners: There are no health clubs, TV's, movies, exercise time or "prisoners rights" in Cuba. You will do hard labor, in shit conditions and you will do ALL of your sentence.

    Pundit said...

    of course Cuba has a low unemployment rate. Just like the Soviet Union did when it was up and running. Everything was owned by the state--and everybody except 12 people work for the state. And, you know what the ubiquitous "they" says about statistics--liars figure and figures lie. And the CIA somehow managed to miss a major attack on the WTC and the Pentagon. Perspective is everything.

    Pundit said...

    Furthermore, like every nickle and dime third world country that has ever existed, they all bitch about capitalism, but they love those capitalistic dollars. Americans and Canadians can stay in the best hotels that host countries like Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, Russia, and even the Balkan states have to offer, but that says nothing for the average citizen, does it? Slums and cardboard cities still house the majority in those places. You can't guage the success of tin-pot countries by how they suck up tourist dollars from those of us lucky enough to have disposable income--a term they can't even define for themselves.

    Pundit said...

    Guess what? I went and looked at that article and those are MONTHLY WAGES, not hourly wages. They are converted into pesos to show what cubans make PER MONTH in comparison to America. So for "ME" who seems to think that Cuba is such an economically nice place to go...think about it.

    Gullyborg said...

    Why do they have unemployment? I thought they were a worker's paradise? What do the unemployed there do? Are they prisoners? Retarded? Cripples?

    How many of the employed are employed against their will?

    Should it count as "employment" if you are held at gunpoint and forced against your will to slave away in a factory or in some mill?

    What kind of moron even tries to argue in favor, even a little bit, of Castro and his communist regime?

    Can we "regime change" Cuba next? Seriously, why wait for the old fart to die? Won't his commie cronies just keep the status quo in place if given enough time to prepare (i.e., watching Castro get too old and infirm)? Why not shake things up by killing the SOB now, when his cronies are still too afraid of his paranoia to have put any contingencies in place?