Tuesday, May 31, 2005

    And What Of The EU?

    UPDATE: Poor Chirac - his vision of being a hot-shot in the new European Community is dwindling, especially after the Dutch have now also voted down the EU constitution. I wonder if all those Euros will show up on EBay?

    old Chirac, his influence on his people has been increasingly waning. Now he's been hit like a speeding car against a wall since the French people have voted against the European constitution.
    I could understand some of the reasons European countries wanted to for a union (ugh) - especially the smaller countries that needed some support. Like a workers union they assumed that there is power in numbers and they would be able to make demands with a united voice. That strategy has limitations. As a tourist it might make it easier to travel across borders without having to change your currency. It could place each country in a more level playing field when it comes to markets and competition with each other. But do the risks and sacrifice outweigh any possible good?
    I would have thought that all those little countries would be unique - even their own currencies. The money a country has is part of their identity - and many of those in the EU have given up that part of their identity. I don't know the full agreements the EU is trying to reach among them but I do know it included countries that have more money allowing their borders to be open so refuges and anyone living on the backs of taxpayers be allowed in (and that countries taxpayers now supporting these people).
    France is a socialist country - proud of helping each other - sharing the wealth. Obviously that only goes so far before even they see the light. A system of workers (producers) can only bare so much strain from those that take (like illegal aliens) without putting anything back. I wonder if there will be a chain reaction that will threaten the EU…

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