Saturday, May 28, 2005

    Loosing Control?

    We have a Governor in Oregon, yes - a Democrat Governor, that likes to play political games with our state flag. For one, he had the Oregon flag flown at half-mask to honor a fallen Oregonian solider that dies in Iraq or Afghanistan. Personally I really doubt his sincerity for the reason and most likely it's a typical Democrat tactic to exploit the heros of the anti-terror war if you're against that whole scene.
    By far the most grievous and unforgivable is his non-response to what has been going on in the city of Medford, Oregon. There is a state government building that has chosen to fly the Mexican country flag near and higher to the American flag. Aside from the obvious Federal law being violated (yes, there are Federal laws on this) it is still a government building owned by the people of the State of Oregon.
    The manager of that facility should be fired immediately! In case the employees at that facility are just plain brain dead any that have a problem with only the USA and State flags being flown in a government facility should be terminated as well.
    So if that's not enough the office manager of this State-owned facility - Jean Work, decided to remove BOTH the American flag AND the Mexican flag in order not to offend people.
    Ok Governor Ted Kulongoski it's time for you to step up, be an American, be a Governor, and give the directive that only the State and USA flags are to be flown on or in State facilities. In the case of a school the school flag can be flown below (first) the USA flag, then the State flag.
    ALSO, with the obvious sympathy for Mexicans and most likely illegal Mexicans coming from that facility that has the power to disperse public funds and arrange employment in that area I'd be very inclined to have an immediate audit of both funds and employment given to be sure they haven't been supporting the illegal alien traffic at taxpayer expense.


    Whymrhymer said...

    An appropriate post, considering your blog's title: Where's the Governor's Brain?

    Anonymous said...

    Judging by the title of this post, your brain is obviously not in the dictionary.