Tuesday, May 03, 2005

    The UN and Cyberspace

    As if the UN needs their corrupt and incompetent hands in more places has anyone heard that one of their organizations - the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) - wants some influence over the internet (c|net News article).
    Like all else they do the UN submits a superficial cover story how, if the UN had control of various aspects of the internet, they would counter spam, make sure the internet was available during emergencies and support public safety and law enforcement officials.
    There is a working group of the UN (set up by Kofi I'm-Scum Annan in 2004) with a target of determining how the UN can play a central role in the development and management (control) of the Internet.
    We're not against the U.N. having a seat at the table of Internet governance. But we would be far more convinced of the U.N.'s worthiness for such a role if it were to first perform some concrete, constructive tasks on behalf of Internet users. Although the working group has mentioned both security and spam as areas that need to be addressed, it has done little so far to address them. With spam and hackers coming from all over the world, the U.N. should seize the initiative to foster international cooperation to combat these two problems. (Read it all)
    This is a very serious issue and right now we have a government that is Pro-USA. Should we get a socialistic President and Congress this might very well change. Let's keep the internet free!


    Pundit said...

    The first thing that would happen would be a search engine implemented to find any articles about the UN posted on blog sites or web sites. Then, anything unfavorable would be removed. If enough unfavorable stuff was found, an international commission for the prosecution of anti-UN bloggers and web site hosts would be implemented....

    simoncat said...

    I am not in favor of giving *anyone* control over the internet. Right now, the internet is still a free and open forum for the exchange of uncensored ideas, and opportunities, whether you agree with them or not. How better to challenge the human mind? We already are spoonfed enough doctored and propagandized info, bromides for the masses who cannot think for themselves, this is the last bastion of freedom of expression, right or wrong. And is not the sifting and digestion of info the key to broadening of the individual mind? There are those who will oppose this because control depends on the ignorance and persuasion of the masses.

    Good news is this: the internet now created, has become a medium available to all of us, that no one can stop, there will always be a way around interference, or control, because every individual connected to this highway of information has seen the capacity to link to others, to try to find the truth, and thus inspired, will not stop in its search.

    When Eve bit the apple of knowledge, was not a bad thing.