Monday, May 23, 2005

    Washington's Surprise

    An interesting trial has started today in the State of Washington. On one side are the Republicans and on the other side are the Democrats. The Republicans are challenging Democratic Governor Christine Gregoire's so-called victory in the 2004 election. The Democrats basically say that once the election has been certified it's too late.
    So how does this differ from the so-called challenge against the Bush win by (worthless) Jessie Jackson in Ohio? Well in Ohio Jessie just had accusations that certain voters we not allowed to vote or were unable to or intimidated - all Democrat potential voters of course.
    In the Washington Governor trial there are cold hard facts. The Republicans have documented evidence - proof - that ballots were counted that should not have been counted, felons were registered to vote and did vote, ballots were signed by individuals that were previously recorded as being dead, etc. The margin that Democrat Gregoire won was tiny - the initial count was 261 votes and a machine recount she won by 42 votes.
    The real essence of what is not happening is we don't see Jessie Jackson here. Now if Jessie was really interested in "every vote count and every voted counted" then why isn't he making his presence known? The exact same question would apply to Democrats as a whole - if they believed only in legal votes counting why are they putting up a fight like they are?
    The reality is Democrats need the felons, the dead, the illegal aliens, the multiple votes in order to win an election anymore. This explains why they are against legal verification at the ballot box of the person voting. While Republicans want verifiable identification of a potential voter the Democrats seem to be against such ideas, claiming some type of civil-rights or privacy issue and it's not. I'm finding more and more that Democrats appear to support the illegal path than the legal path.
    Note that the link I used is from the United Kingdom. I could have used several US sources but I just wanted to point out that the world does watch even the small things that happen here.


    Pundit said...

    First things first. Jesse Jerkson cares only about Jesse. His hypocrisy is legendary. The other issue, one that is missed by almost everyone, is that party lawsuits to contest the outcome of a vote is proof that politicians, on both sides of the aisle, are forsaking the ballot box and attempting to gain and retain power through legal machinations and the use of an elite caste---lawyers. When the ballot box is being contested like this, it is generally the first tell-tale sign of a totalitarian government in the making. It usually portends evil.

    Pundit said...

    BTW--it is more than coincidence that the Brits are interested in the outcome of regional elections. Whether people understand it or not, the world sees the developments here in the US, with the alleged "theft" of presidential elections by the Democratic left, and now regional contests. Lawyers love it. Like scientists and other experts, they are going to control situations for us. Relieve the "little people" from all those worries. Others can see a marked change coming over America. We should pay close attention when foreigners are interested in local and regional issues. The people stand to lose.