Friday, June 17, 2005

    al·ly, Inflected Form(s): al·lied; al·ly·ing

    What does it mean to be identified as an ally? Webster online provides two definitions:
    1. to unite or form a connection between : ASSOCIATE
    2. to connect or form a relation between (as by likeness or compatibility) : RELATE
      intransitive senses : to form or enter into an alliance
    We often hear this term used to define who the friends of the USA are. By definition #2 we can know that an ally of the USA would be a person or country that has a favorable relation - as by likeness or compatibility - to the USA. When a country is involved the USA then enters into an alliance. Just like friends there might be differences but those in an alliance stand by each other - over looking the others shortcomings to achieve a greater purpose. If you call someone your friend, then you spit in his/her face, do you really think others would identify you as a friend of that person? A true ally would never search for something negative for the purpose of exploitation against us, nor would we do that to one of our allies. Those that do not think kindly of the USA or her allies would think differently - eagerly searching for any little negative fault in order to exploit it to the harm of the country directly or reputation of the USA or an ally. This is also known as friends vs. enemies. The USA has many allies in countries as well as individuals throughout the world.
    In this time of battle to wipe out terrorists before they come to us again, the terrorists too have allies. Their allies support the goals of the terrorist and would never dream of exposing any of their faults. To the terrorists and their allies the USA and her allies are the enemy, and are constantly in hunt for anything that could possibly be used to cause harm to the USA or any of her allies. This is called psychological warfare and it relies on the compulsion of people to react with their emotions before they can reason anything out. Often this tactic is very successful. Often the media of the USA and her allies are the channels through which such exploitation takes place.
    I just don't understand the motivation of people - especially politicians - to so eagerly become allies (knowingly or not) of terrorists, under the façade of civil rights or human rights - all the time neglecting the rights of Americans and our allies.
    For those that can't comprehend the simplicity of definitions let's use a recent example - Senater Richard Durbin. Mr. Durbin recently compared U.S. treatment of al Qaeda suspects to the crimes of Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin and Pol Pot. Is Mr. Durbin a friend (ally) or not? His comments - did they help his friend (presumably the USA) or hurt the USA? His comments were posted at the Al Jazeera Arab-language news station - in a most favorable way. Obviously, they see Mr. Durbin as a friend. How about all the millions of parents that are proud of their children serving our country - think they are proud of Mr. Durbin and the Liberals? Guess we'll see come next election.


    activist kaza said...


    I wish the words were as clever as the graphics on your blog. Why do you and others buy into this simplistic blather about "taking the war to the terrorists" rather than recognize our on-going presence in Iraq and elsewhere in the middle east in a completely military posture is only helping create more terrorists each and every day?

    To win the hearts and minds of people, you have to talk to them, feed and clothe them and/or provide some infrastructure, not just destroy their security!

    Even some die-hard conservative Republicans like the brave Congressman from SC, Rep. Walter Jones, have figured this out. How long will it take you?

    The Rambling Taoist said...

    Right on, Activist Kaza!!

    As to you Snoopy, did you have a specific point to your little rant? As is typical with you, there was a lot of rhetoric but no specifics. What specifically has your dander up?

    Now, you speak of "neglecting the rights of Americans". Could you be referring to the so-called Patriot Act? If so, then we may have found one of the few points we can agree on.

    simoncat said...

    Nice to see smug, name calling little liberals at work. Wave a few phrases around like "feed them, clothe them"...oh, like we try to in Africa, and all the money goes to line Robert Mugabe's pockets?
    Right now, America is damned if she does, and damned if she doesn't. If the US were to step back and practice isolationism, she would be accused of not caring about all the world's ills. If she intercedes, she is accused of being imperialistic. Let me put it more simply, since I realize that the liberal mind does not think much past the current bandwagon it is on : America's position in the world right now is much like the unenviable position a parent has with a juvenile child of 19. No control, but all the responsibility.

    You tell me what the answer is, and if I hear any hackneyed phrases like world peace and end world poverty, I will dismiss you immediately as self serving and unthinking sycophants of an ideology with no substance or logic except to reduce us all to a controllable common denominator.


    : JustaDog said...

    WOW simoncat - why is it that Canadians can see this but some Americans obviously don't?

    Great comment, thanks!

    simoncat said...

    Well, not all Canadians would agree with me, no doubt, submerged as they are in their struggle for a national identity that is based on nothing more than trying desperately to not be like Americans.

    I am worried about the current societal inability to think for oneself. to be incapable of true debate without providing a link to stats or what someone else said somewhere. It is a necessary thing to be able to back one's opinions with facts and truth...but so hard to find that in today's convoluted propaganda. Let's face it, most journalists today spend their time drinking each other's bathwater. Your previous post on liberal/conservative media was on the mark.
    Too bad most folks today do not possess the wit or openmindedness to enjoy a damn good debate and hone their minds without getting all huffy and nasty and "offended".

    Keep it up, Dog, you have a bright and open and wonderfully working mind... :)


    Pundit said...

    I keep insisting that the anti-American socialists have taken over our government. Not only Kerry, then Howard Dean, then Harry Reid, Now Durbin. When are the Republicans going to wake up? We are losing our government right before our eyes to the people who will sell us out for two pence and a mug of beer. People think I'm just a prattling Libertarian but I'm serious as a heart attack. That's why the argument in posts like this is so pathetic. We're not looking at the real problem. the real problem is conservative apathy, believing that a fascist takeover can't happen here, but it can---it is.

    The Rambling Taoist said...

    I keep insisting that the anti-American socialists have taken over our government.

    Why do you assume that socialists are anti-American? (By the way, Howard Dean is NOT a Socialist, but Bernie Sanders is.)

    : JustaDog said...

    You are so right pundit, you get the eyes-wide-open award.

    Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

    Winston Churchill