Friday, June 03, 2005

    Amnesty International (AI) - Some Facts

    Peter Benenson founded AI in July of 1961. Perhaps Mr. Beneson had started AI in good faith - to organize a letter writing campaign against the imprisonment of two students for raising their glasses in a toast to freedom - but it didn't take long for the other members of the executive staff to move it off course (after Benenson had succumb to illness). Benenson made allegations of improper conduct against members of the executive but guess what - they dismissed the allegations against themselves (surprise?). One of the co-founders allegations were directed against was Sean MacBride - previous Chief-of-Staff of the IRA. Mr. MacBride founded his own Irish republic socialist party in 1946. It was obvious just knowing that much between these two would mean conflict - conflict between a stance of liberty and freedom and one of socialism. The beginnings and subsequent history is just a continuation into hypocrisy. Mr. Benenson died this year - never having returned to the organization he started - one that was intended to have honorable goals. The current Secretary General is Irene Khan - a Muslim previously employed at the UN. Things gell'n yet?
    With the same name as Mr. Benenson gave it yet with a totally different objective AI has become a force with selected socialist goals - the top (but not only) of which is to destroy the credibility of the USA (non-socialist) in the eyes of the world. This happened again in the past days with AI's absurd allegation calling the U.S. military prison for suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay "the gulag of our time. Fortunately we have a leadership that doesn't succumb under crap like this.
    I went to the AI website to check them out for myself. Checking out their "Links to Human Rights related sites" I saw various links on prison rights, anti-death penalty, torture, etc. - but absolutely nothing on terrorism. I checked their "Library" menu option and under "Themes" again - nothing about terrorism or terrorists. Hmmm - I check their "Campaigns" menu and get a list of their Current campaigns - all sorts of topics they deem important to their cause but no campaign, nothing, against terrorism. So right now I have to conclude that AI doesn't consider extreme Islamic oppression, beheadings, blowing up women, children, and innocent people as something worth fighting against - even if just by exposure.
    I think next I will investigate whether AI ever made accusations against the death squads and prisons of Saddam himself. All I know right now is AI is deeply concerned about Saddam Hussein's proceedings must be fair, impartial and transparent (words from the AI website).


    Pundit said...

    This "gulag" nonsense got coverage earlier on FOX NEWS. Apparently AI hasn't noticed that those people held there are clean, dry, fed three squares a day, don't live in mud huts, sleep on dirt, or in a hole in the side of the hill in the mountains somewhere. I would assume they also have real honest to god toilets, and even running water for showers. Damn those dirty Aemricans. How dare they be so uncivilized.

    Pundit said...

    BTW: where were all these do-gooder hypocrites when millions were made refugees and tens of thousands were being killed by Muslim radicals in the Sudan? It took years to get Koffi Annan of his stool and into action. For that matter, when the Muslims were killing the black tribesmen over there, where was Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Staying in a Washington Hotel, at their activist groups' expense. I have no use for any of these so-called civil rights or humanitarian groups. I've even got my doubts about the Peace Corps. Hypocrites all. And you notice most of their leadership spend all their time traveling from one vacation city to the next.

    : JustaDog said...

    So right you are. Are we really suprised when the current head (female Muslim) finds more evil with the USA than with extreme Muslim terrorists? Guess blood is thicker than atrocities.

    simoncat1010 said...

    Ah yes, the AI. Had a discussion with a liberal friend the other day about this very topic. If you don't mind, I shall gleefully send him your post.

    I was making the argument that the AI represents primarily the disarming and weakening of America..and why? Because America is the only world's Superpower right now, and everyone else is standing jealously in line with knife and fork in hand waiting to get a piece of the pie. I would lend the AI more credence if they shouted and frothed about the atrocities you mentioned,and came out strongly against terrorism...but it is that little liberal bleating heart that says to them that America is the cause of the world's ills and no one else should be expected to be accountable.
    I have always been one to suffer fools gladly because I feel that even fools have something to contribute in this amazing world of God's...but I am finding it increasingly difficult to be tolerant of fools' agendas.

    "End world poverty!" "Human rights for all citizens of the world!" Sounds so good eh? If someone has a cogent and logical plan as to how to actually enact that...I am all ears...