Monday, June 13, 2005

    Just How Difficult Can It Be?

    With the fervor over illegal aliens heating up I've been hearing comments from politicians on both sides of the isle complain that taking care of the illegal alien issue is a very difficult one. I disagree, and offer some simple ideas to start with:
    • Terminate the anchor babe law (this is where a pregnant illegal alien zips across the border, has their baby (at American taxpayer expense), then is able to claim the child is an American just because it popped out while in this country - illegally
    • Make it a felon for any business, of any size, to hire illegal aliens. The penalties must be very heavy against the responsible person as well as the business that hires them. This removes a large incentive for illegal aliens to flock here
    • Stop federal funding of city or state projects where their police department knowingly allows illegal aliens they might have encountered to freely leave. Money (or the lack of it) speaks. Also all states must require proper American issued ID for a drivers license to be issued. (At present, 11 states issue driver's licenses to illegal aliens)
    • For any public school only students with proper American issued ID will be allowed to register and attend classes
    • A bank account can only be opened with proper American issued ID
    • Except for Emergency care no patient will be admitted to a doctor or hospital or receive any medical attention unless that can show a proper American issued ID
    Those are just a few (of many) very simple-to-implement ideas. Now what is so difficult about that? DUH!
    Unfortunately, I have a feeling our borders and security have been traded for votes.


    simoncat said...

    Much too simple, JustaDog. you forget all the agendas to be fulfilled behind the current illegal immigrant problem.

    BTW: wish I hadn't been away all weekend...I nearly fell over myself responding to Trey on your Medicare post from a few days ago....:)

    Gullyborg said...

    I agree with all the ideas, but to see them come true we need not just a change in policy, but changes at the Supreme Court. Ideas like yours have already been struck down as unconstitutional.

    Whymrhymer said...

    Great ideas!

    Unfortunately common sense is often considered unconstitutional. As gullyborg suggested, changes are badly needed at the Supreme Court.

    Kelly Burgess said...

    If you live in an affordable house, chances are that many of the laborers who built it were illegal aliens. If you enjoy living in an area with nice landscaping, chances are illegal aliens do the work. If you enjoy lving in a safe community then we must educate ALL children who live amongst us. Your ideas are overly simplistic and would come at a cost that not many of are willing to pay. Also, you need to begin thinking on a gobal level. We are all citizen of the world and deserve some level of inherent respect because we are all human!

    : JustaDog said...

    Thanks for your post Kelly - you might have a good career at the United Nations!

    I had no control who built my home - I'm the 2nd owner. When I do have anyone do labor at my home I make sure all workers are legal citizens - no illegal aliens.

    Yes - children must learn that the reason their public school system is failing is in large part due to the influx of illegal aliens into the public system - draining it of its resources.

    Yes, they are rather simple aren't they? Too bad simple minds (in government) can't grasp the simple.

    would come at a cost that not many of are willing to pay - this is the usual pro-illegal alien argument - that we need illegal aliens or we will be doomed. Sorry - we're wise to that one.

    I have no respect for felons - for people that, as their first act of entering this country, commit a crime.

    Perhaps Kelly if you are so much in favor of illegal aliens you might consider letting 5 or 10 stay at your home, you feed them, you pay for their schooling, you pay for their medical, you pay the taxes that they don't pay. If you are unwilling to do this then please don't ask the American people to pay for these people.

    Don Seaquist said...

    I must respond to the comment that illegal aliens don't pay taxes. If they work, then the employer who hires them says they're legal. They then pay social security (and won't collect if they leave), federal and state taxes. So anyone saying they don't pay is wrong. Just 'cause you say so doesn't make it the truth.

    : JustaDog said...

    If the employer is hiring illegal aliens they are committing a crime. Do you really think that they will pay the taxes on labor they are illegally employing? No - most likely they are paid under the table.

    In those situations where the employer doesn't screen his employees the illegal alien has already been educated to write in something like 18 dependents so that the least amount of taxes are taken out.

    They then pay social security - how can they pay if the illegal alien doesn't have a valid SSN? If they provide a fake # then money is going into someones account - but you are wrong, it wouldn't be going into the illegal aliens account.