Tuesday, June 07, 2005

    SSN For Rent

    There are those on both sides of the aisle that want to have either a full amnesty that will make millions of illegal aliens in our country suddenly legal, or they want some temporary work program to allow illegal aliens to pick strawberries or some nonsense like that. Obviously I don't support any option for illegal aliens other than ridding our country of them. But what about temporary workers?
    Let's see - if the brainless in Washington D.C. allow such temporary workers then they will be allowed to have social security numbers. So let's say a rare illegal alien comes to the USA and works 2 months somewhere, then goes back home. Do this for 10 years and that person has just qualified for full social security benefits. Nice huh?
    What about one that works just one time, then goes back to his/her country for whatever reason. They have been issued a social security number, and even if it has been stamped on the card that it might be temporary who really checks? Well a scheme that has been going around is renting valid social security numbers. Who knows how long this has been going on, but it is just another injustice to the American people, for we end up paying one way or another.
    This is a scheme that starts with someone getting a SSN legally, then renting it out to illegal aliens. It actually works out nice for the person that has rented it since someone else is doing some work and those credits are going to the legal owner's card. Check out this story of a Mexican in the International Herald Tribune as an example of what I'm talking about. Perhaps it's time to have a picture social security card used with a legal ID?

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    Pundit said...

    This is the kind of nonsense you run into when liberals try all these crappo programs as some way to deal with the immigration problem. Amnesty, special work programs, etc. Until the government treats the crime as a crime and stops pandering to liberal nonsense, it will never get any better. Declare war on Mexico, jail Vicente Fox, seize the Mexican oil fields, and the North American companies that went south after canning American employees, annex Mexico as a state, and we should solve the problem. Let disney turn cabo san lucas into a new amusement park