Monday, July 25, 2005

    Got A Gray Davis California Drivers License?

    Fortunately former Democratic Governor Gray Davis was ousted from office after signing into law his attempt to let any illegal alien have a California driver's license. Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger terminated Davis's treason upon the United States.
    We are pretty much all immigrants directly or indirectly in our distant past. Arnold Schwarzenegger represents a legal immigrant. My spouse represents a legal immigrant. There are millions in the USA that have legal residence status or have chosen to become citizens of our great nation - and have done so legally.
    Illegal aliens only breed crime (since they are already criminals being here illegally) and economic disarray. This year the Cinco de Mayo (that's May 5 th us few remaining English language types) was marked in violence throughout California. If you doubt that statement just ask any legal resident of California. Illegal Mexican gangs now openly swarm cities in California stirring up other Mexicans to join together to take back what they think was theirs in the first place. Our public service structure was not designed to support millions of non-contributors.
    CBS April 20, 2005:
    The United States is currently undergoing the largest wave of immigration in over a century. But what makes this wave like no other is that so much of it is illegal.

    There are approximately 11 million illegal immigrants now in the United States. That equals the population of Ohio. These immigrants are coming for jobs, of course. But to be hired by an American factory, they need documents.
    I would add that there are many that come here not looking for jobs, but to find plenty of homes to burglarize, females to rape - a land of plenty for their criminal acts. Then there are the hords that just sponge off the social programs, public school system, medical care, and even use our legal system to demand and sue for whatever they can get - never intending to work at all.
    Socialism + Illegal Aliens:
    It's the same old story. Socialism can't survive without a free market to prop it up. Mexico has sunk to the depths of socialist depravity and now desperately needs the U.S. economy to save it. Apparently, Fox has never considered fixing his own economy. Like all drowning despots, his only plan of action is to cling to our economy until it too starts to sink under the weight of a hoard of illegal aliens. These law breakers, with Fox's help and encouragement, are rushing across the border for American goodies.
    I flew into California a couple of weeks ago - into Ontario airport. Sadly, a Mexican national flag flew along side the California flag and the flag of the USA. Seems like California is loosing to the illegal Mexicans - and it is driving good people up to the Pacific NW (increasing our property values) as well as other places. Local governments seem to go out of their way to accommodate these criminals. Go figure.


    Torrid said...

    do you have, y'know, any facts to support your xenophobic and ignorant rantings? It would help.

    : JustaDog said...

    Sure - just Google (or Yahoo or any search engine other than a liberal one that will filter out facts) for any of the xenophobic and ignorant rantings that you want. In other words, get off your lazy fat ass and read the papers, watch some news, research what you really don't want to hear. Should you do so you will find what you don't want to find.

    simoncat said...

    JustaDog, you sound like you are getting a tad irritated by the knee jerk jeering of the left lol

    We have the same problem in Canada right now. The rate of illegal immigrants ("refugees") is up about to about 100K a year, and growing, this in addition to the increasing numbers of legal immigrants. Unfortunately, the percent of legal immigrants is coming mainly from extended family of those already here, and most of these are from the Middle East and Asia. And they tend to have very large extended families.

    I have writtten about this quite extensively on my site. It is not a matter of xenophobia or ignorance, it is a matter of realizing the fact that immigration levels have to be monitored closely. If you allow a disproportionate number of immigrants from one particular culture, you are in danger of changing irreparably the fabric of your culture...and not necessarily to the good.

    I believe that both the US and Canada have to take dramatic steps to stop illegal immigration, and refugeeism. Unfortunately, I do not see any progress toward that in either of our governments.


    Pundit said...

    Not to be nasty to TORRID but I have to say one thing--next to the war on terror, illegal immigration has taken up more newsprint and air time than any other recent issue. It has even reached to the white house. our president has called people who are doing the job the government should be doing, but isn't, a bunch of vigilantes. and mexican activists are calling them racists. Bush recently okayed a $2 billion grant to illegals for free medical care---all they have to do is admit to being illegal. this has been all over both Fox and CNN. With serious curiosity, I ask where you have been that you don't know this?