Monday, July 11, 2005

    Springfield Is A Little Safer Now

    Springfield, OR is minus a dangerous criminal - a criminal that had no problem stealing vehicles, no problem breaking into the security of a private residence to burglarize, no problem stealing mail, no problem starting fires. This scum is dead - shot and killed by an alert police officer while he sat in a stolen truck. He made the mistake of making what the officer perceived as a life-threatening gesture - like going for a gun as he was swearing at the officer - and was shot.
    Let's review here - the evil person was Jason Porter; the good person was Officer Ethan Spencer. The fact that Jason was 15 years old matters not - younger thugs carry guns and have no problems using them, especially now that the Supreme Court ruled that anyone under 18 could not receive the death penalty - they know they will get out and never serve their full sentence.
    There are the usual after-the-event pacifists, socialists, and whiners that say Jason did not have a gun and try to blame the police officer of something, but they were not there. Jason chose to steal, he chose his past criminal behavior - no one put a gun to his head and made him make the choices he did. From the newspaper article it sounds like his father is a worthless scumbag too. Of course a lawsuit was filed in an attempt to rape the city coffers. If anything the city should file a law suit against the parents for the costs of covering the investigation in this case.
    No one will ever have to fear that Jason the thug will ever break into their home, will ever steal from them, will ever set their property on fire, etc. The citizens of that community can sleep a little easier at night knowing that heroes like Officer Ethan Spencer are on the job. A letter to the editor (not me) sums this up rather well.


    The Rambling Taoist said...

    On more than one occassion JustaDog has written that she's not driven by hate, yet we find her writing, "This scum is dead". She is describing a person who has engaged in criminal activity. While Christian society teaches that we are to judge the sin, not the person, our host is merely doing the latter.

    Burglarizing homes is NOT a good thing. It's invading someone else's space and threatening their sense of security. Few people would disagree with this. But it's a giant leap to equate Jason Porter with being an EVIL person. Yes, he has engaged in illegal activities, but does this mean that he is "evil" every waking minute? Of course not.

    I'm sure he loves his mom and dad. I'm sure he's done many good things during his life. Still, if JustaDog persists in labeling Jason as EVIL, then Ken Lay is REALLY evil since he fleeced thousands of people out of their hard earned savings. And George W. Bush is the ESSENCE OF EVIL for getting us into a "war" that is causing thousands of innocent deaths on both sides.

    : JustaDog said...

    There is nothing wrong in hating evil. What is wrong is excusing evil, justifying evil, and confusing the good of removing evil as evil - that only shows ignorance - a sign of being a pacifist and/or socialist.

    Pundit said...

    some years ago when I was involved in military police work, we had a term--"mousepacks"--referring to 12, 13, and 14 year old gangs. Thugs, rapists, carrying weapons and using them in armed robbery. Now we have junior high school and high school mass murderers. they run drugs for the adults 9called "mules") and even high school adolescents have no compunction about attacking police officers. Watch any of the cop reality shows---females are getting just as bad. Anybody who dares confront a police officer and winds up dead gets just exactly what he or she deserves. Anybody too f----ng stupid to take a chance like that and not know what the consequences are deserves exactly what they get. A Darwin Award. Any way that the world's stupidist people can eliminate their line from the gene pool is fine with me. Natural selection is at work here, and as we all know--you can't fool with Mother Nature. This is one less thug who will not graduate to drug running, arms smuggling, rape and murder.

    : JustaDog said...

    Good comment pundit, thank you. Unfortunately we have a country where such criminal behavior is tolorated, excused, permitted. You've probably seen one stupid person that acutally excuses and reasons away (attempts to) that scum that killed a family and kidnapped that little girl (after killing her little brother too) - molesting her over and over. Excuse scum like that away? Noway - execute them asap.

    That is showing true love for mankind - when you're willing to do what is required to make the world a better place. Wasn't there a time when people could walk without fear of getting mugged or killed? You can thank your local socialist / liberal for the change!

    The Rambling Taoist said...

    There is nothing wrong in hating evil.

    Aah, but that's the rub. Hate the evil, not the person.

    If not, then we're all doomed (and that includes you too!). According to the way you have chosen to express yourself, as soon as a person commits an evil act, the person becomes evil. Contrary to the belief the Christian Church, you offer no possibility for a person to repent. (From a Taoist standpoint, we could say you don't allow a person to try to find balance.) Since Christians believe we're all sinners, then, using your terminology, we're all evil. And if the police decide you pose a danger to the rest of us, no one should bat an eye if they shoot you down.

    : JustaDog said...

    Note: I deleted the last post by "trey smith" since it was just a very long sermon from the Tao religion he tries to push while bashing other religions. My blog is not a pulpit so NO PREACHING! Preach on your own site whoever you may be! If you want to endorse criminals do it on your site not mine. If you want to excuse child molestors do it on your site, not mine.

    My sole purpose is to support and encourage the good people, NOT the evil people. To let the good people know there are options in the world and they don't have to settle for socialistic pacifistic demoralizing crap.