Saturday, August 13, 2005

    Back To School Shopping!

    When it comes to back to school supplies Wal Mart has much of what you need at low prices. There are several reasons they can have low prices. One reason is they can buy in large quantities and get better discounts. Another reason is they don't have to pay extortion-based compensation to union workers.
    The employees at Wal-Mart are, for the most part, happy workers. In an organization of that size you will find some that are whiners - but I always question such employees why they don't leave and find an employer they think would be better. On the contrary, Wal-Mart employees have some great opportunities to grow in the company.
    Every time a Wal-Mart opens a new store or expands an existing store there are lines of people that will fill out employment applications. This goes against the argument that Wal-Mart treats their employees bad. People flock to Wal-Mart, they want low prices, they want more for their hard earned money. Again, this goes against the argument of the socialist unions that Wal-Mart is bad for towns, that they take away jobs, that they force the little guy out of business.
    Unions could care less about the little ma-and-pop stores since they aren't going to become unionized (unless they grow, then the unions will start eyeing them). Socialism makes all sorts of excuses why non-union stores shouldn't exist.
    Now go to a non-union Wal-Mart and enjoy some low prices! You can even shop with Wal-Mart online - just click the image above! If there isn't a Wal-Mart nearby, go to a nice local ma-and-pop non-union store!
    Freedom - it's all about freedom. Freedom for a worker to work at Wal-Mart or go somewhere else with their talents. Freedom for the employer to run a business as they see fit. With the success of Wal-Mart, they obviously know what they are doing! I have a feeling many union workers go there - LOL.

    I'm really enjoying the headaches unions cause to the public, especially the recent strike at against British Airways. Tens of thousands felt the extortion arm of the neo-socialists as their travel plans were intentionally disrupted. "PAY UP OR WE WILL HURT YOU" - yeah, I love the PR job the unions do with the public! LOL


    The Rambling Taoist said...

    Freedom for a worker to work at Wal-Mart or go somewhere else with their talents.

    Let's say you've been stranded in the desert fo a good long while. Your energy is ebbing and you desperately need water. Along comes a stranger. You say to the stranger, "Please, I need water." The stranger grins and replies, "Here you go". The stranger gives you a canteen. As you start to drink, you realize the water in the canteen is foul. It smells terrible and has a bitter taste. (It turns out to be water from a river next to a pulp mill!)

    Now, do you swallow the water or do you spit it out? If you want to live, you swallow it. You may not like it, but it's the only water available to you.

    This is an apt analogy to the Walmart work experience. Particularly in small towns, the opening of a new Walmart may be the only chance for many (who lack the kinds of skills you crow about) to get a job. They've got rent to pay and food to buy. Despite the fact Walmart pays miserly wages and provides scant health benefits, like with water in the above example, you need the job.

    Consequently, this is not about freedom but survival. To be certain, no one has to take a job at Walmart. Accordingly, no one has to drink the foul water offered by the stranger. However, if you want to survive, then you de facto must accept either, regardless of how impalatable either is.

    : JustaDog said...

    Actually it is a good analogy, but instead of a socialist view let's look at that same analogy from a capitalist viewpoint.

    I'd ask the stranger why are you in this desert alone and unprepared? So I have to guess the desert represents the workplace - and why would someone enter the workplace unprepared? I can see some old person wanting some extra money but I can't see anyone that, as a child, has a dream of I'd sure love to make my life in retail sales stocking shelves.

    People make choices, people make bad choices. But you follow the union propaganda machine that Wal-Mart pays poor wages - and they don't. They pay no less than minimum wage - it's the law. If anyone doesn't like the work environment they no one forces them to work there. This is a huge country with millions of jobs unfilled. It's all about choice vs. whining.

    Let's put it this way - if all the workers at either of the two Wal-Marts in Eugene quit, Wal-Mart would be able to fill each position with new employees within 48 hours. People have choices. You don't like their choices - too bad. There are many many options people can do to improve their work/career situation - their choice.

    food to buy - I'd suggest they go to the Wal-Mart Super Store - I've heard their food prices are good (but can attest to that as it's too far for me to drive).

    I think if you are against Wal-Mart you are against providing low cost alternatives to poorer folks.

    The Rambling Taoist said...

    I'd ask the stranger why are you in this desert alone and unprepared?

    And the stranger replied, "I was a passenger on United Airlines and we crashed. I was the only person who survived. I was prepared for a nice vacation at Disneyland. I didn't know the pilot was going to be drunk and crash the plane."

    : JustaDog said...

    And I'd reply oh - well I'm sure that ATC followed your plane down and help will be on the way any minute - provided the police, ambulance, or rescue workers aren't on strike!

    The Rambling Taoist said...

    I'd ask the stranger why are you in this desert alone and unprepared?

    Another stranger replied, "I was on my way to Bible School when our bus driver decided he thought he knew a shortcut through an area in California southwest of Needles. We got horribly lost. After a day or two, we ran out of gas. Everyone else has died and now I'm fighting for my life. I'm sure there are search crews out looking for us, but they're looking along the route we were SUPPOSED to take. I've been hiking for 3 days, so I have no idea whether I'm close to where the bus ran out of gas. I generally seek shelter during the day because of the oppressive heat and hike at night -- making it difficult to be spotted. I was prepared to learn about the baby Jesus, but wasn't prepared for this experience at all!"

    : JustaDog said...

    Give it up trey - I don't pick up hitch hikers no matter what their excuse! I do carry a cell and would have no problem calling 911 and giving them location information.

    All your attempts will not change the reality of workers, unions, free enterprise, and freedom for BOTH employers and employees - something that socialism doesn't allow.

    The Rambling Taoist said...

    This will shock you, I know, but NOT everybody owns a cell phone. Heck, about one-half the people in this country neither own nor use a computer. (Maybe you should take some time off to go visit these people.)

    Anonymous said...

    Nice job erasing my comment, BTW.
    Not sure why, but I will repeat it here:
    Thanks for the reminder of why I will not shop at WalMart: cheap crap, hurting American producers, and against the American way.

    The Rambling Taoist said...

    I'm not going to argue with you on this one. If you love Walmart so much, why don't you get a job there? Once happily employed as a merry Walmart worker, you can file weekly reports here, telling us about how wonderful your life is at the big W. You can brag about your huge paychecks. You can boast of your employee discount which will allow you to buy marvelous products at ridiculously low prices.

    As the years go by, you can stick your tongue out at me by puffing out your chest as you climb the Walmart ladder. Who knows? Maybe you'll start out as a checker, then become a section manager, then an assistant manager. Before too long, you might even get your own store! Gosh, that would put you in discount heaven!! Think of the prestige you would enjoy in your community and that fat wad of money in your pocket.

    So, go ahead. Make my day. Join the Walmart workforce.

    P.S. You won't ever get the chance to see my smiling face, though. I NEVER shop at Walmart. :-)

    : JustaDog said...


    Not sure why, but I will repeat it here - you know why, I warned you about calling names and that your comments would be deleted if you continued. Obviously I keep my word.


    but NOT everybody owns a cell phone So what's the point?

    about one-half the people in this country neither own nor use a computer - So what's the point? One does not need to own a computer to begin a better life. I own 5 (I downsized). Again, it all reflects life choices and the toys one is able to have as a result of their choices. An no, I don't buy toys on credit - I have no debt. Also a choice.

    Walmart so much, why don't you get a job there? - They are doing well without me. Besides, they couldn't afford me. Also, I not into being an employee! So sorry, guess I won't be making your day.

    I NEVER shop at Walmart. - gee trey, sounds somewhat hypocritical that someone like you would try to injure the careers of (what you see as) underpaid, misused, malnurished, abused, etc. workers just trying to make ends meet! You should shop there and help keep the revenue stream flowing, ensuring hundreds of thousands of jobs. Your comments leads me to believe you'd rather see Wal-Mart go belly-up, and all those people suddenly with no job. How cruel of you!