Thursday, August 11, 2005

    Jobs With Al Qaeda - Ride The Magic Carpet

    Apparently employee attrition is running high at Al Qaeda, so the word is out that they are on recruitment drives. I found this Al Qaeda recruitment site quite revealing, think you will too.
    While liberals have taken steps to stop our military from recruiting on college and university campuses, their lips are sealed when any radical crazed Islamic group tries to recruit on our soil. The USA is not alone - Al Qaeda has been recruiting in British colleges as well too. No surprise there - and those of us that love the USA and want her protected are learning more and more about the liberal mindset daily.
    So how is Al Qaeda tempting the temptable to join their murderous gang of thugs? A little glimps:
    • Gold plated Koran - autographed by Allah
    • Early redemption of the 72 virgins' coupons
    • Free lice and flea dips for them and their families
    • Autographed copy of Fahrenheit 9/11, with a life size poster of Michael Moore
    • One size 18 panty donated from the collection of Hillary Clinton, autographed
    • One visit to the Ted Kennedy estate for a welcome brunch
    • Free 15 second Hee Haww MP3 from Howard Dean (player not included)
    • Stock, with options, in Air America Radio
    • Free Al Franken book, with good luck autograph message from Al
    • Free cremation
    Thanks to Alka DaehTihs for the info. Serious about joining Al Qaeda? Jump here!


    The Rambling Taoist said...

    What a lame entry! Are you running out of genuine topics to rant about?

    Anonymous said...

    The Bush Administration foreign policies are the best imaginable recruiting tool for Al Qaeda. Their knowledge that many neo-morons like JustaDog support those policies endangers the safety of all, including the real patriots among us, those who have the courage to stand up to the Bush fascists.

    simoncat said...

    Ah, poor little liberals, absolutely no sense of humour, as I always suspected. Life must be grim when you take yourself that seriously.

    Bloody hilarious... :)


    : JustaDog said...

    LOL, right you are simoncat.

    When conservatives do it the liberals say we are lame and call us names like little children.

    When liberals do it they call it "FACT".

    If the Bush Administration foreign policies are a reason for Al Qaeda to grow then that's a good thing - more murdering thugs grouped together make better targets!

    Anonymous said...

    Then again, that works both ways, which is why the policies you favor are so insidious. The murderous thugs who run this country, and their morally-challenged supporters, seem to be oblivious to the fact that our illegal wars, torture of prisoners, lack of due process, gulags, etc etc will guarantee that we will be on the receiving end of their furor. Your laughter is the hollow caw of a depraved fool.

    : JustaDog said...

    Spoken like a true liberal, even to their current word-of-the-month "gulags".

    Another sign of a liberal? They never comment about the evil that the terrorists and thugs do. They never comment how bad it is they trick little children to come next to them and blow up their little bodies. We all know their evils - it's something liberals don't speak about. They prefer to make any attempt possible to disgrace the most generous, most rich, most compassionate country in the world.

    They are driven to destroy our country.

    Anonymous said...

    'They are driven to destroy our country.'

    ~ I agree with you. The neo-cons are driven to destroy our country. I actually don't fit into a tidy label, and agree with much of traditional conservative philosophy and policy. My biggest disagreement is with this administration, which is hostile to democratic princples at home and abroad (juxtapose Pakistan and Venezuala), profoundly irresponsible regarding the long-term financial health of our nation, secretive beyond any in our history, intolerant of political dissent - which is not only a guaranteed right under the constitution, but also necessary to a functioning democratic republic; and which has now been proven to have lied to the American people about the premise upon which we attacked a sovereign nation which represented no threat to our security. These bastards will be held accountable - if not in a court of law, tried as war criminals, then before God (my dyslexic cousin would say Dog), who will cast them into the fires of eternal damnation!

    The Rambling Taoist said...

    Okay, hah hah hah. But don't you think it's going a bit posting your own picture?

    Pundit said...

    Rumsfeld and his people have been saying all along we are winning over there---that's why the attacks are getting more severe, more sophisticated, and more deadly. According to Rumsfeld, this is because they are losing the war. (I've never known losers to get stronger and more dangerous as a result of losing.) We have also been having an attrition problem ourselves. In a Pentagon News Briefing yesterday, General Myers--always present with Rummy--noted that the Pentagon is considering calling up troops rotated home for a third tour over there. We need the people, but new ones (recruits) are not coming in at an acceptable rate. Others over there on their second tour may also need to extend. So-called "attrition rates" when reported need to be viewed very carefully, just like polls. They could be indicative of anything. Especially when posted by crank sites that do things for the sake of humor, like JibJab.

    : JustaDog said...

    There will be some programs on Fox this weekend about the good that is happening in Iraq, the things you won't get from your normal "news" sources. They will interview various troups that are and have been there and can provide eye-witness acocounts to all that you wish not to see.

    Check out this report titled Pentagon Cites Many Successes of US Troops in Iraq. Maybe the sort of stuff you don't want to hear.

    Gullyborg said...

    I liked the picture!

    The Rambling Taoist said...

    There will be some programs on Fox this weekend...

    Aah yes, F-O-X News. The government's own network of propaganda.

    : JustaDog said...

    Poor little trey - if there is truth revealed he labels it as propaganda even before he would consider hearing it. My guess is you prejudge much and thus limit your exposure to the real world.

    I, on the other hand, listen and read as much as possible. I get emailings even from union and other socialist sources, liberal organizations, etc.

    For the record there is much about Fox news I don't like. I know it would go against your (phoney) pacifist stance to consider there is good happening in Iraq. Your primary focus is to speak only of bad over there - and exaggerate it when ever possible. You praise the terrorists and bash the multi-national efforts to kill the terrorists. Your previous posts define you very well.