Thursday, August 18, 2005

    The Thursday's Liberal Observer

    Well Cindy Sheehan is on a liberal roll getting so much press coverage it makes Ted Kennedy's jowls jiggle. It won't be long before liberal stage-stealers (those that can't get media attention on their own, yet will show up after someone else does) start showing up. Hey Revvvvvv. Jessie Jackson, how long before you get your adulterous millionaire butt into the camera? I know Kennedy won't show up personally 'cause his fat liberal body can't take the heat. Smart Democrats won't be seen with Cindy - they know exploitation when they see it and don't want to be identified with it.
    Casey Sheehan was a real American hero and was devoted to what he considered to be a righteous cause - he even re-enlisted in the Army by his own choice to give our country even more of his time and efforts. I hardly think his mothers actions follow the mindset of Casey. I feel very bad for this young hero - his mother and every fanatical liberal group eagerly willing to exploit his tragic death. I like to keep my posts brief so a much better coverage with exacting facts and details, with links, can be found on Cao's blog. Excellent research Cao!
    Think all mothers of fallen soldiers are behind the exploitation of Casey Sheehan? No, far from it. Air Force Capt. Derek Argel's remains were buried with four of his comrades at Arlington National Cemetery last week. His mother, Debbie Bastian, is demanding that her son's name be removed from what she considers anti-war memorials on the beach in Santa Barbara and at Cindy Sheehan's lefty pit outside the Bush's Texas ranch.
    "I'm livid about it," Bastian said of the weekly beach display on Santa Barbara's West Beach and the smaller memorial in Texas, where the mother of another dead soldier has made headlines with a weeklong protest.

    "Derek would not want to be remembered that way."
    Most mothers wouldn't think of exploiting their children like Sheehan has - even making deals with and other liberal entities. I wouldn't be surprised if some big fat ugly movie producer makes her a movie star. Ah, I bet she can picture it now - Mother Cindy Sheehan - sounds almost……. divine!
    You can also check out the copy of Ralph Nader (didn't he use to be somebody?) supposedly sent to Cindy Sheehan over at The Liberal Website. I'm not sure how they got a copy of a private letter but they sure were happy to add it to their base of collectables against the USA!