Thursday, September 29, 2005

    Color Me Liver

    While the news media is having a heyday with the House Majority Leader Tom DeLay story (a charge pursued by Democrat district attorney Ronnie Earle) Fox news seems to be the first to broadcast a real story.
    At St. Vincent Medical Center, one of California's largest organ transplant centers, some major cover-ups have been going on. Seems like some money-hungry doctors as well as the hospital itself pushed aside 51 liver transplant patients and put a Saudi citizen at the top of the list - from position number 52.
    The Saudi Embassy paid $339,000 for the 2003 transplant. That amount is up to 30 percent more than what the Los Angeles hospital would normally be paid by government programs and insurance companies, the news service said.

    The AP said the issue came to light this month when St. Vincent's directors were answering routine questions from auditors at the United Network for Organ Sharing, a nonprofit group that runs the U.S. national transplant system.
    The Saudi's buying off an American Hospital and doctors. So much for caring for our own let alone any ethics. Socialists should be happy - they don't believe in ethics.

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