Sunday, September 18, 2005

    Government In Business - Today's Example

    Government needs to stay out of the business world. I know my socialist readers will object but when ever government tries to operate a business is spells disaster, corruption, crime, extortion, and worst of all - sticking it to the taxpayer, the ones they try to convince us they are helping. This includes public schools, public transit, FEMA, and all businesses operated by governments. It should all be privatized!
    For example, in the State of Washington the city of Seattle thought they would get into the monorail business. Now first thing you should know is any big construction project reeks of union sponsored waste, kickbacks, bloated budgets, hiring all the union budds that paid into your election fund, etc. The monorail is no different. Late last week the whole project was put on hold after a state audit realized the enormous debt that was being incurred - something a private business would have analyzed much earlier.
    So thanks to government pretending to know anything about business, although not a single shovel of dirt has been moved this boondoggle is already $100 Million in debt and will take the local taxpayers over 2 years to pay it off. What have taxpayers got for the extra taxes they are paying out to friends and supporters of the elected officials, of course - which would include union thugs:
    Paid consultants without documenting their work, selected other consultants in ways that were inconsistent with state law
    Three consultants received separate, three-phase contracts of $60,000 each for integrating art into the construction of the project. The audit found that the agency paid those consultants a total of $77,534 without documentation showing exactly what work was performed.
    SMP awarded two $50,000 contracts for architectural and engineering services in a way that didn't comply with state law
    Spent $11,500 on a parade float
    Gee - where did the other $99 Millon go? I'm sure if they would have only contracted Disney they would have had their monorail half built by now. A word to taxpayers: TELL GOVERNMENT TO STAY OUT OF THE BUSINESS SECTOR!

    BTW - Check out Cao's post from today on the Islamic crescent - WOW!

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