Thursday, October 06, 2005

    So Much Stupidity In The World

    There are just so many examples of stupidity in the world - people that don't think or are easily suckered by others. There are zillions of examples, but just a few here:
    • Remember Marshall Applewhite and his 39 member Heaven's Gate? These stupid people all killed themselves thinking a superior intellect was following behind the Hale-Bopp comet. He promised his little following great rewards if they followed his end-of-the-age prophecy. Ooops!

    • Sort of along the same lines are the stupid people that listen to the radical Islamic clerics and strap bombs on their bodies and murder innocent people as well as themselves. Clerics target those with low IQ, easily gullible - aka, stupid. If they believed the BS they tell these stupid people don't you think they would be strapping on the bombs themselves? Talk about abusing stupid people, really!

    • The stupid people that believed rich Ted Kennedy really didn't kill his pregnant girlfriend - yeah, right.

    • The stupid people that think child molesters can be rehabilitated and felons should have all the comforts of home when imprisoned.

    • The stupid people that balk about the federal debt yet want the government to increase the social spending.

    • The stupid people that think the billions of dollars the USA gives away for Africa, the UN, and AIDS in other countries is really for a good cause.

    • The stupid people that think the federal government should buy people new houses that, by choice, did not insure their houses as the smarter people did.

    • Stupid people that give money to lazy people on street corners, only to encourage that same worthless scum to continue with their panhandling.

    • You're really stupid if you think all the terrorists are "over there".

    • And you are really really stupid if you think illegal aliens are not harming America!

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