Wednesday, February 01, 2006

    In The Name Of Allah

    As I read the tally of people - including women and children - murdered (over a hundred) and injured (over a hundred) by Muslims around the world for the month of January 2006, I turn my attention to the most organized Muslim front in the USA - CAIR, The Council On American-Islamic Relations. I wanted to search their site to see if they condemned any of these murders - if they were speaking out about at least all the innocent children slaughtered by Muslims. I found absolutely nothing condemning these acts.

    What the CAIR site focuses on are topics attempting to convince the American people how innocent and loving they are. They also are targeting anyone that speaks against them, putting pressures on them or attempting to modify their behavior by making them feel guilty. CAIR has now been labeling people that they define as anti-Muslim as "Islamophobic". They even attack Bill Handel, yet when I read the page on CAIR's site, I find nothing that would be considered false or hateful - he just expressed his feelings and observations. Obviously, CAIR would like to constrain the free speech rights of Americans.

    They do have a place called Voices of Hate. It's a short list right now - a list of 5 individuals that dared to speak some manner of truth about Islam. Maybe someday I'll make their list - wouldn't that be an honor! Despite their misuse of the word "hate" I see it more of a service to alert people to the dangers of Islam, to make people aware of who is directly responsible for murders of innocent people. Like I said, their list of hate mongers do NOT include any of these Islamic murderers, so obviously they don't consider murder as an action of hate.

    Muslims and the terror departments within their religion have plenty of non-Muslim supporters. They will try and warp the definition of a terrorist to make such murderers like freedom fighters - even trying to focus their hate for the Commander-In-Chief as a terrorist himself. Yes, these supporters of murderers will slash out at anyone that is against the true terrorists. People like socialist Cindy Sheehan, who just yesterday suggested that President Bush is 10 times worse than Bin Laden. Ah Cindy - the poster queen of the liberals.

    Perhaps if every American were to read on a daily basis the murder count attributable to Muslims. But alas, so many seem to be preoccupied with such critical agendas as who will win the Oscars, who will be the next survivor, who's sleeping with who, etc.

    So I salute those voices that keep us aware, that are not intimidated by the Muslim threats, people like Daniel Pipes especially. If you haven't already you should go to his site and enter your email address for a free subscription to his newsletter. Be Informed, Stay Informed, Be Smart!

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