Monday, March 20, 2006

    Who's Your Marvel Superhero?

    Role models are good - if they are good role models. The problem is that word "good", and is that person or group a worthy role model. An extreme example would be a convicted murderer - most sane people would never dream of such an evil person as a good role model - but there are always exceptions.

    One of liberal's hottest tickets for a female role model is Cindy Sheehan. Now if you happen to be in New York City and are a liberal (and you have money) you most likely will be attending the Bring em Home Now Concert where Cindy will be the key heart throb. Tickets are priced at $28, $35 and $150 VIP (including cocktail party with Cindy Sheehan). Tickets available at TICKETMASTER.COM or by calling (212) 807-7171.

    Perhaps your role model is one that is now dead - like former President Lyndon Johnson, who betrayed a secret of America's defense when he openly disclosed the existence of the U-2 spy plane.

    Or if Presidents are your role models maybe Former President Bill Clinton is your role model - he betrayed a secret of America's defense when he openly disclosed the existence of stealth technology - a technology that is suppose to give our military the edge - an edge betrayed. Liberals seem to love disclosing national secrets (they are not trustable).

    Maybe celebrities are your hero - like Jane Fonda, aka, Hanoi Jane. Some liberals in the Georgia top government wanted to honor Hanoi Jane - an effort that was thwarted by an alert Republican Senator. Liberals seem to love anti-American celebrities.

    Maybe you are a liberal and/or socialist that sees terrorists as "freedom fighters", and sees the beheadings, murder, rape, torture, and other violent acts as simply acts of a small group that wants to express their views. If you do, then you help by being outspoken against those that are trying to suppress these people, and you push the violent acts of such thugs into the background as much as possible so the public doesn't know the truth.

    A good measure in picking a role model is asking who does the role model help and hurt. Does the person possess moral and ethical standards? Does the person favor freedom over tyranny? Is the person able to discern the difference of evil and good or do they hide true evil by trying to disfigure the true good?

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