Friday, April 21, 2006

    Here Come Da Judge, Da Judge

    Got my voter's pamphlet for the Oregon Primary Election come May 16 from Bill Bradbury (Secretary of State of Oregon). I have a big problem with candidates for some offices shown without indicating their political association. Let's take all those judges to be elected - are they liberal or conservative? Liberal judges are dangerous and are prone to reverse what the voters want - to comply with their political and ideological viewpoints. Justice might be blind but judges are not. If anyone knows the record of the judges below please let me know!

    I also am not impressed with endorsements from sources that have nothing to do with the judicial system - especially endorsements from extortionist unions, pro-liberal free-sex organizations like "Planned Parenthood", etc. They all say they will work for the people, and balance is important (yeah, sure). Here are the judges up for election along with the positions they are trying to get into. Oregonians should know their past record (easy on criminals?), are they liberal?, are they conservative? All with "???" means more information is needed!
    • Paul Lipscomb - Marion County Circuit Court - UPDATE: Liberal activist ALERT! Vote NO!

    • Paul De Muniz - Supreme Court, Position 2 - UPDATE: A moderate - but won't easily inject liberalism into decisions. Ok to vote YES, especially since no one better is running against him!

    • Robert D. Durham - Supreme Court, Position 3 - UPDATE: Liberal activist ALERT! This creepy judge makes the ACLU proud. Vote NO!

    • W. Eugene Hallman - Supreme Court, Position 6 - heavy endorsements from unions and Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon, hardly any law-related endorsements - UPDATE: Liberal ALERT! Endorsed by the liberal Eugene Weekly! Vote NO!

    • Virginia L. Linder - Supreme Court, Position 6 - UPDATE: Liberal ALERT! Gay biased Judge! Vote NO!

    • Jack Roberts - Supreme Court, Position 6 - support from Crime Victims United, some other endorsements - UPDATE: Vote YES - Conservative!

    • Rick Haselton - Court of Appeals, Position 5 - UPDATE: Was a dissenting judge in a statutory rape case of a 13 y/o girl by a 16 y/o boy. Judge Haselton said the 6 year prison sentence was fundamentally unfair as to shock the conscience". Vote NO!

    • David V. Brewer - Court of Appeals, Position 6 - UPDATE: Voted against Boyscouts in Oregon Public Schools - sided with ACLU! Vote NO!

    • Jack L. Landau - Court of Appeals, Position 8 - ???

    • Beverly Anderson - Circuit Court 2nd District, Position 14 - UPDATE: Vote YES - Conservative!

    • James Chaney - Circuit Court 2nd District, Position 14 - UPDATE: Vote NO! Back in 2005 Chaney published a column in the liberal Register Guard declaring "As of today, after 25 years, I am no longer a Republican".

    • Alan Leiman - Circuit Court 2nd District, Position 14 - experienced prosecutor - UPDATE: Endorsed by the liberal Eugene Weekly! Vote NO!

    • Debra Vogt - Circuit Court 2nd District, Position 14 - UPDATE: Endorsed by the liberal Register Guard and Eugene Weekly! There are worse, so it's a dice toss. I'm voting for Beverly Anderson.

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