Tuesday, April 25, 2006

    Liberal Democrat? Be Proud!

    Ok, maybe I come across as a bit too conservative sometimes. To offer a balance I want to bring some news to everyone's attention - news that a liberal Democrat (sorry, not conservative ones) can take pride in. By all means not exhaustive, but the following should enlighten any eyes that need enlightenment. So get your parade duds on, here we go!
    - Now if you're from Oregon, they you should be proud that when it came down to a vote last week six liberal Democrats in the House voted against protecting children and taking a harder stand against sexual perverts. Instead, these six liberal Democrats stood together in their compassion toward offenders, and to protect their rights to molest and harm little children more often. Kind of makes ya proud to be a liberal huh?
    - If you're from Massachusetts then you should be proud of second grade teacher Heather Kramer at the Eastabrook Elementary School. She knows her ACLU-given rights and read students a book about homosexual romance and "marriage" in class. She read her 2nd grade students the book King & King, a story about a prince who spurns a number of eligible princesses to marry another prince. The story ends with the two men marrying and sharing a kiss. Now isn't that sweet - nothing like indoctrinating little children into the homo lifestyle huh! Kind of makes ya proud to be a liberal huh?
    - Senator Hillary Clinton, to her fellow liberals in a speech in San Francisco; SFGate.com June 28, 2004:
    Many of you are well enough off that [President Bush's] tax cuts may have helped you. We're saying that for America to get back on track, we're probably going to cut that short and not give it to you. We're going to have to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.
    Now how so socialistic cool is Hillary! All of the low and middle income earners should give up more for the common good. Kind of makes ya proud to be a liberal huh?
    - Oh goodie goodie - tomorrow is liberal Day of Silence - party time! The ACLU can be called in if any of those moral-type people try and interfere. Besides, lots of the off-school activities for the kiddies are monitored by adults - horny gay adults needing fresh meat:
    "No parents" plus homosexual approval is the reason these centers call themselves "safe" places. There is a homosexual youth center now in virtually every medium or large city in the United States. Many are funded by private foundations or connected to a local adult center for "GLBT" people. Some are even funded by United Way. And the kids who attend are given graphic "safe-sex" lectures, the option of free HIV testing without parental permission, group "counseling" and other serious, adult-level situations that few schools would allow on site.

    Some of these groups target youth by an upper and lower age limit, like 13 to 24. Others have an even lower age limit of 11 or 12. Some simply say they are for youth "age 22 and under." How far under? And who checks? Thirteen-year-olds don't have driver's licenses or usually any form of legal ID.
    Ah, get 'em while their young - get their hormones pumped up! Kind of makes ya proud to be a liberal huh?

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