Thursday, April 06, 2006


    Like a never-ending story those that claim to care so much for the children are, again, exploiting them. Today the Sacrademented City Unified School District is expected to approve a resolution to proclaim April 26, 2006, as a Day of Silence. Why?
    The purpose of this Day of Silence is to "recognize the silencing of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning people due to discrimination everyday in our society."
    Teachers will be expected to set aside their regularly-scheduled lesson plans and permit an entire school day to be hijacked by political activists. Now if this is what you believe our public schools should be focused on then continue to vote liberal.

    There was a time, long ago, when even the public schools focused on academics and students in the USA were the best in the world. Long time gone, which is why companies have to go outside of our country to find skilled intelligence - not much here anymore. But HEY - our children are becoming the best in homosexual immersion therapy, thanks to the public school system.

    Why stop there? California wants to remove any trace in the public school system that there is even gender:
    If passed by the legislature, SB 1437 means goodbye to textbooks that say you're either a boy or a girl, or that marriage is only for a man and a woman, or that the natural family is a father, a mother and their children.

    While California public schools embrace homosexuality they are taking steps to un-embrace patriotism. In San Diego a school district is banning all symbols of patriotism. Basically it goes like this - if people are upset about Mexycano flags being seen then USA flags should not be seen either. Like I've been preaching at this humble site - liberals do not have the best interests for our country and cringe at such concepts as patriotism of the USA.

    Now I've been to that area - Oceanside, California, many times. It's a rats nest of illegal aliens - more like going to Tijuana, Mexico. So you really think all this illegal alien drive is just about pick'n strawberries? If you do, you're so totally blind!

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