Monday, May 15, 2006

    FLASH: Judge Orders Wal-Mart To Unionize

    San Francisco Chronicle - A federal judge ordered Wal-Mart to open their rank and file workers to unionize. In a stunning upset to the largest private employer in the USA as well as to its shareholders federal judge Jose Hernandez issued the order that Wal-Mart could no longer operate as a free market concern. Wal-Mart has 30 days to comply with the judge's order. Day 1

    Chicago Sun Time - While socialists thrust fists in solidarity in their victory over Wal-Mart, fights broke out today at many Wal-Mart stores when employees that refused to sign union membership documents were fired on the spot. Many yelled:
    I thought this was a free country! This is American - where's my freedom of choice?
    Most employees joined the new union as well as authorizations to have the new union dues taken out of their paychecks. Meanwhile, union negotiators have been meeting with the executive staff to work out the new contract between the massive employee base and Wal-Mart. Day 31

    Huston Chronicle - Happy employees received their new paychecks, most realizing almost three times their previous take home earnings along with new insurance cards for zero cost health care coverage. Some, wanting to celebrate their new lifestyle, called in sick to party their gain. Meanwhile, executives have stopped construction plans for 47 new stores around the country in order to curb the new overhead costs of the union workers benefits. The new stores would have employed a total of 6,332 workers in cities that needed jobs. Day 45

    Oregon Register Guard - One of two Wal-Mart stores were closed today, putting 311 employees on the unemployment rolls. A statement from the public relations director of Wal-Mart said the closure was necessary to maintain low product costs and reduce overhead. In total, 73 stores have had to be closed to reduce costs. Mrs. Juanita Gomez, the newly appointed public relations director also stated that the once low price leader would have to raise prices on all of their products to offset the union demands.

    Wal-Mart stock price has dropped more that 80% since the federal judge has ordered the unionization of the retail giant. 90% of the institutional investors have pulled out of the once king of low prices. Day 90

    Tribune Daily Post - Gone to a Wal-Mart lately? Those one prominent signs with the smiley face are gone and replaced with higher prices. Once employing more than 1.2 million people in the USA alone, and a stepping stone for many young people to better careers, especially as they were going to school, now only employs about 110,000 - less than 10% of those employed prior to the union takeover - in the remaining stores. The few remaining stores have raised their prices so high and have stocked increasing volumes of union-only made merchandise that they are no longer competitive. All institutional investors have pulled their money as well as individual investors.

    Since the union takeover, over 1 million workers are now unemployed. The good news is the few Wal Mart employees that remain all have full health care and living wages. Day 200

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