Monday, June 05, 2006

    Congratulations - Right On Target

    I like to give credit where credit is due, so today I'll do just that. A couple of praise-worthy recent events:
    Congratulations to our neighbors to the north - Canada - for weeding out 17 terrorists, almost all of which were Canadian citizens. This dispels the myth that citizens of a country can do no harm. So what was it that bound them together in their murderous plot? Islam, of course. Since 9/11 the enforcement arm of Islam has murdered over 5,000 people - premeditated and deliberate.

    The ACLU and liberals have urged terrorists in the USA to quickly become citizens so the ACLU can help protect their rights to carry out their murderous plots.
    Congratulations to the Brits for removing terrorists from an inbound Air Canada flight yesterday. Five thugs were kept from arriving into Canada and closer to the USA. Don't mess with those Brits!
    Satirical congratulations to former Liberal President Billy Clinton for providing terrorists with a new homeland - Somalia. You remember - that country where the Commander-In-Chief of that time, draft-dodging coward Billy Clinton, turned a cowardly tail and left the once-hopeful citizens to be slaughtered and the deaths of our solders to be in vain. It was some of these so-called Generals of that failure that are pretending to know what to do in Iraq - and like Somalia, they want to turn tail and run away.

    Anyway, he's an exceprt from a New York Post article last month:
    May 31, 2006 -- THIRTEEN years ago, our troops won a lopsided battlefield victory in Mogadishu. President Clinton declared defeat and pulled out. We've been paying the price in terror ever since - and it might be about to soar.

    When it comes to strategy and military affairs, folk wisdom is worth a century of scribbling theorists. Your father could have told you how to handle the Mogadishu warlords: "If you start something, son, finish it."

    We were close to finishing it. And a cowardly president quit.

    Osama bin Laden repeatedly cited the pullout from Somalia as evidence that Americans were weak and wouldn't fight. Our rewards for quitting were the attacks on our troops housed in the Saudi Khobar Towers complex and on our embassies in Tanzania and Kenya - next door to Somalia - followed by the USS Cole bombing.

    Dead Americans.

    The Clinton administration could not have cared less, as long as its poll numbers were good. As for the attack on the USS Cole, our dead sailors were easily dumped in the lap of the incoming Bush administration.

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