Thursday, June 08, 2006

    Damage Control - SLUGS Style

    I notice a big lack of blogs from the SLUGS that even mention the good news of a mass murderer of women and children being taken out - many not even mentioning anything about Iraq. The justice served upon Abuboo Musab al-Zarqawi was a blow to the liberals in the USA as well. SLUGS were counting on al-Zarqawi to keep tensions high, to make it look like coalition forces against the terrorists and for building unity and democracy in Iraq were failing.

    I enjoy watching the great work that US forces do. That pic of al-Zarqawi on a slab makes him look like some fatted pig just slaughtered. I hope we can bring many more of these evil things to their death. The anti-American SLUGS will try and work this story as not having any influence on Iraq, or the people of Iraq. SLUGS like Kerry and Murtha continue to want a Somalia-type of cowardly retreat like draft-dogger Clinton did (a country now taken over by Al Qaeda).

    My congratulations to our armed forces - job well done! I do have some given to me personally of our good forces that are incredible, wish they could be shown nationwide. Makes me tingle to see the enemy whacked, but some might find too graphic, lol!

    So now either the SLUGS are silent or they are trying to refocus on mundane things or old attempts to destroy American credibility - past attempts that got them no where. Just watch and see how the SLUGS will push in their efforts to discredit our country even more so than they already have.

    Also today, the USS Cole set sail for the Middle East - repairs from the terrorist attack complete, ready to go and play it's part to hunt down the bad people.

    SLUGS wish to distort and lie to the American people who the bad people are. SLUGS wish Americans to believe America is the enemy. Even at the CAIR site they acknowledge Zarqawi is dead (if you can even find it), but refuse to make the association of Zarqawi to all those atrocities - but that's expected, since they are simply the public relations side of the Zarqawi's of the world.

    Oh well, I guess it wasn't a good day for SLUGS.

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