Thursday, July 27, 2006

    Common Sense Observations

    Noted during this past few days are some common sense observations - providing you have common sense. For example:

    The socialist government of Chicago will force "big box" stores into paying outrageous wages and benefits to their employees. Yes, that's right, a socialist government using its force to dictate to a business how to conduct it's business. Hopefully all of these stores effected by this extortion will move outside of the Chicago city boundary. Chicago isn't known as the mob town for nothing. The socialists and liberals (SLUGS) rejoice in this, SLUGS love that BIG BROTHER GOVERNMENT.

    Well here we go again, Ayman al-Zawahiri Ma-faggo is spewing his bad breath again. This lice-infested maggot is calling for all superstitious Muslims to "rise up in a holy war against Israel and join the fighting in Lebanon and Gaza until Islam reigns from Spain to Iraq". Well yeah - with pork breath at the top of the food chain of course. Same old Muslim religion of peace crap.

    Speaking of that group of cowards Hezbollah (all terrorist groups are cowards) turns out the scum were using that UN outpost as a shield. The proof came from one of those that were killed. Too bad Kofi Imma-worthless Annan, your own person gave you up. Kofi has secretly advised Hezbollah to hide out near UN stations as well as within people's homes - exactly what Hezbollah is doing. We really need to kick the UN out of NYC! Keep the bullets flying Israel - freedom lovers around the world are with you.

    John Bolton is taking part in confirmation hearings. The socialists that want to do away with the Constitution of the USA and surrender to a global order (SLUGS) don't want Mr. Bolton in. But Mr. Bolton is exactly the person that the USA needs - someone that is a strong figure and won't whimper to the demands of terrorist countries. Hang in there John - heck, even Hillary is thinking about supporting you!

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