Wednesday, November 15, 2006

    Prophecy 201 - Global Domination

    Excerpt from recent Mahmoud AhMADinejad's words:
    I advise opponents to accept the hand of friendship the Iranian nation has extended to them because friendship with Iran is in their interest (or else)
    While Americans are consumed with holiday purchases and reality TV Iran's President Mahmoud AhMADinejad continues to forge on to his fantasy of global Islamic domination and the rule of Islamic Law - Sharia.

    Nuclear weapons will enforce the words of AhMADinejad. Iran has their nuclear weapons program in place - they've had it for years. Now they need to obtain the most difficult part of that, and in the greatest quantities as possible, and as quickly as possible.

    One of the most modern ways to enrich uranium uses special centrifuges. Guess what - AhMADinejad wants to purchase some of these centrifuges - 60,000 of the atomic centrifuges.

    AhMADinejad sees himself as the ruler of a new Islamic world order. AhMADinejad sees himself as the savior of the world. AhMADinejad sees himself immortal. AhMADinejad, along with those old enemies of democracy Russia and China, will accomplish his objectives.

    Don't put any hope on Democrats to avert AhMADinejad. Don't count on the UN to avert AhMADinejad - they want him to succeed in crushing democracy.

    It's not if or when anymore, but where will AhMADinejad explode his nukes.

    When those nukes start melting the flesh off of Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives, Christians, Progressives, Green Party, Blue Party, pro-lifers, pro-choicers, Hollywood celebrity, socialist, capitalist, and everyone else - just know it is being planned as you read this by Muslims, will be carried out by Muslims, and is for the express purpose of ultimate dominion by Muslims.

    Still think there is no religious war going on?

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