Tuesday, December 26, 2006

    Happy Boxing Day

    There are various disputable theories for the origin of Boxer Day. What matters to most people around the world is the current meaning - wild shopping day, savings (compared to previously marked-up prices), and even getting up before sunrise to be the first when a store opens their doors.

    Some believe Boxing Day is evil - worse than even the pre-Christmas shopping spurges. Environmentalists and socialists look at Boxing Day as pure gluttony - as capitalism run wild, uncontrolled consumer consumption.

    Believe it or not there are groups in the world - even in our own country - that would like to see such events stopped. These groups believe they have the right to dictate to the populace when the quantities of purchases are too much.

    I'd never get up before sunrise to stand in some store line for anything, but if you do then that is your right to do so. I won't judge you - at the most I'll just have a good laugh.

    The same people that thing other people buy too much are the same people that will whine about all the people that are without jobs or are getting paid some wage that is less that some magical amount they judge should be paid. So what if we banned stores from even opening a week before and after Christmas? Employees would face lost jobs, the economy would slow, more poverty, and all the baddies that trail attempts to stifle capitalism.

    So when you hear groups like New Progressives (liberals and socialists with a name change) try and take away your right to buy simply consider what group it is that really wants to suppress your liberties.

    Now go shop 'till ya drop!

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