Wednesday, May 23, 2007

    Boarder Fence = Delusion = Joke

    So I read this article today of an illegal alien and criminal, Vicente Machien-Mireles, escaping from an Idaho jail by climbing over a razor wire fence. I don't know how they manage it but the south of the boarder illegal scum has nifty skills that make fences just a temporary inconvenience.

    Building a zillion dollar boarder fence is nothing more than an inconvenience to the rampage of illegals that are drawn to the USA - much like chimpanzees to bananas. You have to look at who is advocating this fence in Washington and you will see it's mostly those that support the amnesty for criminal legislation.

    This fence is nothing more than a pacifier for the American people. An illusion of border control. A deception that there will finally be boarder security once we have "The Fence". Nothing could be farther from the truth.

    The border problems and the illegal alien invasion would practically disappear if we remove the bananas:
    • Property rentals can only be for legal residents
    • Driver's licenses can only be for legal residents
    • Schools can only be for legal residents
    • Bank accounts can only be for legal residents
    • Loans can only be for legal residents
    • Work can only be for legal residents
    • Social assistance can only be for legal residents
    • Photo SSN cards
    Just start with that and you'll see millions crossing back. A bonus is enforcing these laws (with strict penalties) would cost the taxpayer pretty much nothing. Billions saved from building a worthless fence, billions saved when the freeloaders leave, and it really is easy to implement.

    If the current anti-American illegal alien legislation passes it should be taken all the way to the Supreme Court since it is in clear violation of the Constitution - it mocks justice, is aborts domestic tranquility, it threatens our common defense, it askews our general welfare, and most definately threatens the blessings of liberty to ourself and our posterity.
    So what's President Bush's reaction to the growing public outrage of this legislation? Pop some Osama Bin Laden terrorist threat, previously kept Top Secret, upon the American people as some sort of distraction tactic. But oops - it's old stuff - over 2 years old. Nice try Pres, but your deceptions won't work on this Dog anymore!

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