Monday, May 07, 2007

    Just A Crazy Monday

    So what did I do Saturday? Well I sure didn't celebrate any Mexican holiday, you can count on that. I can understand businesses using any opportunity to increase their business but personally I find it idiotic to celebrate anything Mexican - this is America if anyone forgot.
    Bad greed: Well we know the United Nations wants to control (so called) global warming by collecting massive dues from nations like the USA (from US taxpayers), but did you know the UN hopes to save the world from asteroids too? Yeah, their grubby criminal hands want to control everything.
    Bad law: This so called Hate Law has got to be one of the worse anti-Constitutional pieces of legislation that empowers Big Brother like never before. If passed, Big Brother would decide what groups of people - based on sexual orientation, race, religion, or other markers - are more important than other people. Instead of applying the law equally such government-chosen classes of people would enjoy preferential treatment.

    For example, if a white gay male is assaulted and at the same time on the other side of the same town a black straight male is assaulted, the white gay would have more opportunity to see his assaulter punished more extremely than the person that assaulted the black male. Justice would not be applied equally - and "justice is blind" no longer applies. If you don't fall into the special interest group decided by Big Brother then you are not as important.
    Another bad law: There is other legislation that promotes one group as more important than another, and thus applies the law unevenly. A prominent example is states that have no death penalty except if the person murdered is a law enforcement officer.

    Well let's check an example - a killer knows he is about to be caught and want to kill someone before he surrenders. He has the choice of a white police officer or an innocent Asian elderly woman. He decides to murder the Asian then surrenders. Since he didn't shoot the cop he gets a "freebie" since the innocent woman's life was of less value to the state than if he had shot the policeman. Unequal application of the law is wrong - and unconstitutional.

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