Tuesday, May 01, 2007

    May Day - Another Illegal Alien Rampage

    The picture above expresses my view on illegal aliens. To clarify to those that want to swap words around I am against illegal aliens, not immigration. I'm even against the phrase "illegal immigration" since the being illegal cancels out the concept of immigration.

    So if you're here illegally know that I hate your presence:

    • You kill our citizens

    • You suck our resources

    • You take without giving anything back

    • You clog our emergency rooms demanding to be treated with "free" medical care

    • You burden our public schools with your illegal horde and expect legal property owners to pay up

    • You pump drugs into our society

    • You lower our property values where ever you group

    • Your gangs of illegal thugs terrorize the streets of cities large and small

    • You bring diseases that America has not had to worry about prior to your swarming invasion

    • You force your demands upon weak-minded government officials that succumb to your demands - at the cost of taxpayers

    • You are entitled to NOTHING! America owes you NOTHING! Our Constitution does NOT apply to YOU!



    You stink - get the hell out of our country and return to yours!

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