Tuesday, July 31, 2007

    Dissecting Deception

    A couple of days ago articles were published about a study that declared:
    Hurricanes are forming twice as often as they did a century ago, largely because of global warming caused by humans, according to a new scientific study.
    This article brings goose bumps of excitement to the Gore-ism cult fans and provides a good example of deception - and I will quickly turn this claim into what it really is - just more lying liberalism.

    Let's just stick with facts:

    There are more people in now than 100 years ago - the population has quadrupled in the past 100 years. This means more people to act as weather observers now. Simple observation opportunity is greater than 100 years ago. Deception exposed.

    Satellites. We have many satellites while 100 years ago, there were none. As a matter of history we have had satellite coverage for only the past 47 years - making the 53 years prior a total blind spot. The first weather satellite "TIROS" didn't even watch for hurricanes, but was polar-orbiting and just looked at the highest clouds. They had NO FREAK'N SATELLITES TO SEE THE STORMS THEY COULDN'T SEE WITH LIMITED VISION! Deception exposed.

    With just the two facts above just use common sense. When a hurricane would form far away from land and move up the Atlantic - far away from any population - who would even know it ever existed 100 years ago? No one, it would never have been recorded. They had NO FREAK'N COVERAGE OF THE GLOBE NOR THE INSTRUMENTATION WE HAVE NOW! Deception exposed.

    What about any of the hundreds of storms even 50 or more years ago - how would they classify a storm as a hurricane or not? They had NO FREAK'N PLANES TO FLY INTO THE STORM TO DETERMINE IF IT WAS A HURRICANE! Deception exposed.

    Last year the onslaught of hurricanes Gore-ism prophesied of never happened.

    This year the onslaught of hurricanes Gore-ism prophesied of are not happening.

    Eventually, because THIS PLANET HAS FREAK'N CYCLES, more hurricanes will appear. They will appear because THIS PLANET HAS FREAK'N CYCLES! There will be lulls and increases - just like there have been for the past 100 years, and THE PAST 10+ MILLION YEARS AGO.

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