Tuesday, October 16, 2007

    Reality Of The Patriot Act?

    If the government used the Patriot Act (PA) to protect citizens from sharks it would have features like this:
    • All creatures of the ocean are suspect
    • Hydrophones placed in all places there is water
    • Photo surveillance to track and record minnows, octopus, bass, etc. as potential threats
    • Background investigations on any creature with a mouth
    Get the picture? The exact profile of the shark is known - but is ignored. It would be ignored so the sharks would not be offended for being profiled. It doesn't matter all other animal life in the ocean have their rights violated, politicians don't want to be labeled as racist, bigots, or profiles at the risk of losing future votes. It's more stylish to be politically correct.

    While agencies are listening in on ocean life that doesn't fit the shark profile, they are wasting their limited resources - and causing lethal risk. The same is true with the real PA and protecting the USA.

    Everyone knows the profile of the modern terrorist - Muslim. When the next terrorist attack takes place in the USA (or anywhere really) it will be by Muslims - not Buddhists, not Christians, not atheists, not country singers, etc. Muslims have terrorized the recent world before 9/11, on 9/11, and after 9/11. The next terrorist attack will be Islam-driven, by Muslims and by Muslim sympathizers (Russian?).

    To pacify the Muslim community all citizens of the USA are suspected terrorists. Both Republican and Democrat parties have expanded the eyes and ears of BIG GOVERNMENT to scrutinize you and I - simply because they refuse to publicly acknowledge the true threat. They fear words and lawsuits by Muslims more than they do any terrorist attack on our soil.

    Republicans are at the top of the list for supporting these un-constitutional and unprecedented actions of BIG GOVERNMENT. If you are not guilty then you have nothing to fear is something even I use to say - until I wised up.

    As limited resources are wasted on the law-abiding citizens Islam grows stronger, claiming more and breaking traditions to favor Islam. From a historical Empire State Building going green for the Islamic celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr, to mandated foot bath installations in public schools and airports, to new "hate crime" investigations applied to people that express their free speech concerns - Islam grows stronger around the world, and the security of the world shrinks.

    So have you felt safer with the Patriot Act in place? Do you think our government is protecting us the best it can? Personally, I feel more vulnerable than ever before. If you don't get killed by a Muslim then some illegal south of the border alien gang member or drunk will kill you.

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