Thursday, December 20, 2007

    My Predictions Usually Come True

    As I predicted yesterday Tom Tancredo pulled out as a presidential candidate. His endorsement of Mitt Romney - a surprise since Romney doesn't hold the same strong views on illegal immigration that Tancredo does.

    Good news if you're a crazed Islamic fanatic that dutifully makes a trek to Mecca. You can stay connected with your other conquest klan using Mecca Free Wi-Fi covering most of the city! Millions make the Hajj to wail against the infidel in the name of Allah. Well now Allah can keep a closer touch with the more modern Muslims that might be carrying their PDA, notebooks, iTouch, or any number of other Wi-Fi devices. You must register first - it's only for Muslims!

    October last year I posted about home schooled children being taken into custody of the German State and parents threatened with jail. This month liberals in the state of Utah have threatened to jail a home schooling mom if she didn't enroll her child in the government indoctrination public school system. I predicted this would happen - bigger government, less choice, weaken the family unit, etc. It will get worse if Americans continue to vote for liberal big government candidates and judges.

    The UAW has yet to endorse a presidential candidate. I will make a prediction. Their choice will be Democrat and one that the UAW considers the most controllable and most predicable puppet for the union cause. I'm leaning towards Barack Obama as their choice for several reasons:
    1. his half blackness would appeal to minorities;
    2. he already has mob ties in the Chicago area;
    3. he embraces all the socialist issues such as globalizing the USA Constitution, bigger government, higher taxes, pass all union legislation, government health care, reduce capitalism, increase socialism, homosexual marriage, increased social spending and programs, etc.
    Yes, he sounds like the perfect union puppet!

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